Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Release Day Blitz for Jacci DeVera and her debut story Heavy Handed

I'm pleased to welcome special guest and a dear friend of mine--Jacci DeVera. Jacci stopped by to tell us about Heavy Handed, her debut M/F paranormal short-story romance. 


Eighty acres in the middle of nowhere should give Jake Merritt exactly what he wants after his ugly break-up: Solitude.  But Alicia is bound to his land in ways she’s not even sure about, and can’t pick up and leave just because Jake’s the new owner. Once he decides to believe her story, things take an ominous turn, and by then Jake’s beginning to rethink sending Alicia away forever. Can he break the curse that holds her, and free himself to risk loving again?

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"If this land is cursed," Jake's frowned deepened, "it's to make all its owners stark raving mad." He crossed his arms, the billy-club resting against his chest. "So, what? I'm supposed to believe the sheriff killed you? Buried you here?"
She looked down, her long black hair falling forward.
“That's what you said wasn't it?"
“I don’t know!” She looked at him, obviously frustrated and frightened. “I don't know what to believe either. The longer I'm here, the more I forget. I don’t know anymore! And maybe I did at one time!" Tears shone in her eyes. "I don't know, but I want – I just want –"
"What?" Jake's frown deepened. "Revenge?"
"No." She said it without reservation, her countenance reinforced. "I do know that much. It was hate and cruelty. That's what I found here when I came awake. That's what brought me to this. Malice and spite. So much despair and sadness and grief. I can't stand it. I can't stand thinking this is what I'll know for eternity. What I might become."
"You said ... you were what Josie might become."
"Did I?" She paced around him in a half circle. "Do you hate her enough that your bitterness corrupts everything you touch? Everything you think? Every memory you have? The poison, it's real. Just like evil is real. Where poison slowly takes the life, evil relishes in watching the pain it causes; watching the joy and life leeched out; watching a heart harden. The curse here is going to take more than sage."
He glanced at Dennis.
Her eyes remained on Jake. "It's going to take a cure."

About Jacci DeVera

Jacci DeVera lives in the southern Appalachians. She enjoys writing as much as she enjoys napping, cats, cookies, myths, and wolves. The only hard and fast rule she has when she writes is that the story must have a happy ending. Romance was the natural choice to settle in. She is thrilled with the direction writing, and particularly romance, has taken in recent years with genre lines blurring, so her love of fantasy, paranormal, and historicals can intermingle without fear of intolerance.

She cites Destiny Blaine as her mentor. 

She has two delightful, independent daughters who help keep the house from falling apart while she's working. And an encouraging husband who likes traveling to romance conventions. She believes in the importance of the journey as much as the destination itself. Stories are found everywhere if we pause long enough to listen.

Heavy Handed, via an online contest sponsored by 3 Rusted Spoons and Dark Hollows Press, is Jacci's debut as an author in the publishing realm.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Release Day Blitz for Special Guest Adriana Kraft!

It's my great pleasure to welcome Adriana Kraft to my blog today! Adrianna has a new release I know you're going to love. Put your hands together for Adriana Kraft! 

The Heist
July, 2014
B&B Publishing
ASIN:  B00LNE7366
Romantic Suspense, 81,000 words
Heat rating: Three Flames (Warnings: explicit sex, m/f; light bdsm; sex toys)


A heist? A murder? It’s villain’s choice.

A special-order art theft? Tedious, but seamless – until small town museum director Kara Daniels calls in the experts. Furious her favorite trio of priceless impressionist paintings has been stolen from its traveling exhibit on her watch, Kara is determined to save not only the paintings, but her future in the art world. She’ll stop at nothing to entrap the thief.

Ted Springs knows the underbelly of the criminal world a little closer than he might like—but he’s turned it to good advantage, first as a police officer, and now as detective for the Upper Midwest Arts Council. His job? To guarantee the security of the valuable paintings in the Council’s traveling exhibits.

Heat sizzles when Ted and Kara collide—can they work together, before it’s too late?


“I and my staff have already done fairly thorough background checks on all the museum employees,” Ted said.
“Oh.” Kara scowled. “I’m not sure I like that.”
“But you expected it?”
“Of course. At some point.”
“I believe in being efficient. Even before certain added incentives.”
“I can always change my mind. I don’t know a thing about you.”
“You know enough. I have large hands.” Ted chuckled when she winced. “I’ve worked for the Upper Midwest Arts Council for five years.”
“And before that?”
“I was a Chicago cop.”
“I went into the army right out of high school and completed my BA degree at U.I.C. while on the force. Funny, isn’t it? While you were working on your MA at the University of Chicago, I was patrolling the streets of Hyde Park and South Chicago.”
“That’s right.”
“Maybe we bumped into each other.”
“I highly doubt that. I wouldn’t forget bumping into you. Remember?”
“Oh, right.” Kara’s flush returned.


Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a husband/wife team writing sizzling romantic suspense and erotic romance. The award-winning pair has published over thirty romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. Romantic pairings include straight m/f, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.


Planning a heist

Our latest release, The Heist, got its start on a rainy Monday a while back, when hubs and I attended a behind-the-scenes tour at our small Iowa town’s exquisite art museum. A new exhibit was about to open, and we were treated to detailed descriptions of the process of locating and ordering traveling exhibits, shipping them, storing them, uncrating them, hanging them, insuring their safety, and repacking them.

You must know by now that hubs is a criminologist  by profession. It didn’t take us long to be looking for vulnerable spots in the museum’s process, and by the end of the day, with a little internet research on the high stakes world of stolen paintings, we had our basic plot sketched out.

Our next problem was—what painting should be stolen? Clearly, we couldn’t go with an existing well-known piece of art. We opted to create The Three Maids, an entirely fictional trio of medium sized Impressionist portraits, based on what we knew about Monet, Manet, Renoir, Caillebotte, and the women they painted. We’ve put so much detail into the paintings’ descriptions that I keep expecting to see them when I enter an Impressionist display. If no one has painted them yet, I definitely think someone should!

I’ll leave the details of how the actual heist was planned, carried out, and (we hope) foiled for readers to discover—we hope you enjoy reading The Heist as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal

Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
"An Award Winning Bestselling International E-book and Paperback Author, Destiny Blaine and her pseudonyms top the charts at Amazon, Bookstrand, Barnes and Noble, ARE, Mobipocket, and other retailers online and off. Scroll down for a list of available titles, works in progress, and coming soon dates for debut titles.”

Author Bio

An award-winning, bestselling erotic romance author, Destiny Blaine writes under several pen names. She lives in East Tennessee with her daughter and husband. Her son is serving in the U.S. Navy.

Coming Soon

  • POWER-Book 1, Rise to Power, Search for Pride-eXtasy Books
  • MONEY-Book 2, Rise to Power, Search for Pride-eXtasy Books
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