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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen--What Makes You Smile?

Who’s up for a little Thursday Thirteen?

I’ve noticed a lot of blog posts on Thursday’s Thirteen so we’ll give it a shot here too, at least for today. *Smiles*

Thirteen Romantic Things Your Lover/Husband Can Do to Make You Smile

1. Send roses or flowers when you least expect them

2. Take you on a long weekend to your favorite romantic spot ‘just because’

3. Remember your birthday without anyone reminding him to ‘remember’

4. Prepare a bubble bath with all the trimmings located nearby—your favorite romance novel, a glass of wine, and of course, soft music and candlelight

5. Suggest a long walk, complete with holding hands and his full attention

6. Rent movies, start a fire, and prepare the perfect setting right in front of a dancing blaze

7. Write a love letter

8. Send a series of hot and spicy text messages throughout the day leading into one of the most romantic evenings ever imagined

9. Rent a limousine and travel to a nearby hot spot for dinner and dancing

10. Hire a babysitter and then find thirteen new ways to show how much he loves you

11. Plan a girl’s night out and invite all of your closest friends over for a huge night of fun where there's no room for husband-bashing since you have one of the greatest husbands around

12. Dance because no one’s watching and refuse to care if they are

13. And my favorite—show up after a grueling day of work with your favorite romance novels in hand just because he happened to stop by the local B&N

If you’re around, leave your Thursday 13!


1 comment:

Chris said...

I want to print this list and leave it in my husband's lunch box. Think he'll get the hint?


Love your site!


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