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Monday, February 8, 2010

How long is too long?

Don’t worry. It’s safe here.

We’re not having one of ‘those’ blog posts today so you can drag your mind out of the gutter. *Smiles*

Today, we’re discussing in-house manuscript submissions and what kind of wait authors expect to endure during the submissions process. Recently, I waited and waited and waited on a yes or no answer from one of my regular publishers, only to discover they never received my in-house submission. Yikes! Talk about a painful discovery.

My publishers typically receive first consideration on new work and if I send in a submission, generally they are what I consider a perfect fit for the manuscript submitted. Yes, I'll dust off those rose-colored glasses and pass them around.

Publishers and authors, even if they have a terrific rapport, won’t always see things in the same spotlight. There will be those times when we all should and will receive a rejection.

However, as a writer, I see things in 3-D and imagine most contracts should arrive on my desktop signed, sealed, and delivered, kind of like an auto-responder. That's the way it should work, right? Go ahead, and pop my bubble. In publishing, things don’t always happen that way and everything isn’t always black and white. Still, don’t you ever wonder what’s considered acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to in-house submissions? I sure do.

See, while waiting by the keyboard with my ‘invisible’ status on Yahoo, I could’ve and should’ve taken the initiative to see what was holding up the process but you know, I didn’t want to come across pushy or persistent as all hell. That reputation is already stamped on my back and I'm told patience pays off in big ways, right? *Sigh*

So, now, it’s time to think about what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Some of my publishers are very approachable to the point I could IM them and say, “Hey…did you get this?” Realizing publishers vary, I wanted to ask you to weigh in with your opinion today.

Let us hear what you have to say on the subject. I’d especially love to hear from best sellers at various publishing houses. What kind of wait time do you expect on your submissions at your ‘home’ publishers? And what about the publishers you’re scouting out for the first time? Do you have any exceptions or rules you follow, even if they’re self-inflicted?

Come on out and give us your take on submissions. Authors and publishers, weigh in and let us know your thoughts—How long is really too long?


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