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Friday, March 5, 2010

News on the Winning Virgin Series

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As promised at TRS Blue, I have a little more information about Winning Virgin Devotion. Below, you’ll find the unofficial blurb copy subject to change for the fifth book in the Winning Virgin series. The fifth manuscript will be submitted soon for consideration. Check back often and follow the progress of this manuscript as I fill you in on the submissions process. You'll discover new Winning Virgin developments as soon as I can share them with you!

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UNOFFICIAL BLURB COPY for Winning Virgin Devotion

Darian Sabbat isn't accustomed to betrayal or failure. Thanks to his brothers, he's familiar with the taste of both. Now, he's looking for revenge and he knows where and how to find plenty.

Hell bent on taking the one woman his brothers love most in the world, Darian realizes only one proposal can change his mind. When the delicious offer arrives, the trade-off falls from the most sensual lips Darian has ever known. Soon, he's prepared to stop the disposal of the Spenser's favorite gem. However, the price paid is higher than any imaginable going rate and one he's certain the messenger will pay.

With a lovely offer on the table, one person offers their body in a fair exchange. When Constance Spenser detects a new love rising, she knows it's one with too many consequences for everyone involved. But will she make the sacrifice required to stop a plan already in motion?

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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