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Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you believe in love? How about romance?

Do you believe in love or romance? Do you believe you can have one without the other?

I do.

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I believe you can love someone with all of your heart only to discover there isn’t anything deep and meaningful beyond a familiar kind of love. I believe you can wake up one day after ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty years of marriage and companionship only to discover there’s nothing left but a fading love no one wants to develop much less nurture.

I’m writing a book and want your input if you stop by. Tell me what you think about love and romance. Tell me a story. Type it all out. Do you believe in love and romance or is it just a fictional element in today’s world, a fantasy some of us create and others can’t wait to read? Does romance only exist on the pages of a great book or in the minds of those with a very vivid imagination?

Tell me what love and/or romance is to you. Have you experienced one without the other or both at separate times? Do you believe romance and love must exist in a relationship in order for an everlasting love to materialize and then last and last like so many romance authors depict on the pages of their books? What do you believe? What have you experienced?

Love and hugs,

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NinaP said...

This is how I see it.

Romance is tempting, intriguing, offering fun, something new, something different. It can be spontaneous, or anticipated, but in of itself, romance is icing without benefit of cake. Sweet, addicting, and ultimately a one way trip to an empty nowhere.

Love is a choice, an action, a commitment. When things get ugly, scary, stream far from what was planned or expected, love is the last crumbs on the plate. The final bite, the enduring memory, the only thing the reader remembers when the book is closed.

Hope this helps.


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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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