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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These Vampires are Classified SEXY

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It's that time of year again. Thanks to Stephenie Meyer and the cast and director of Eclipse, book lovers and moviegoers have one thing on their lips--vampires! Sounds like a great time to suggest a vampire romance series, doesn't it?

If you're looking for a vampire romance, check out the Winning Virgin Books in order:

Winning Virgin Blood

Winning Virgin Love

Winning Virgin Lust

Winning Virgin Promises

To tease you a bit, below you'll find a blurb and excerpt from one of the Winning Virgin books:

Gabriel Sabbat is the secondary mate for Constance Spenser. He knows the feel of her skin, the touch of her hand, the true experience of her body. He participated in his brother's mating ceremony and he didn't walk away from the event unscathed. His heart is heavy and he is in love with a woman he may take as his own but there will be sacrifices, and consequences.

Constance belongs to Sebastian but she's never forgotten the time she spent with Gabriel. When Sebastian doesn't return home, news circulates and word travels fast. Sebastian is in trouble and he may not return to Scotland.

With time running out for Constance and the needs of a vampire mate quickly surfacing, Gabriel is called upon as a secondary and Constance isn't happy with the turn of events. In fact, she's out for more than a little blood to keep her alive. She's looking for answers and knows precisely how to get them and when Sebastian returns home, he finds quite a surprise.


The bodyguards tripped over their own feet to hold the door open for her. They looked like bouncers, but they were in fact, Darian’s men.

Constance pushed her dark curls over her shoulders before shooting one of them a wink. “Better let him know I’m here and make sure you tell my brother-in-law I’m lethal tonight.”

The large man with ugly scars across his cheeks and chin, grinned. “I’ll follow your request.”

“I don’t doubt it for a minute. It’s why I suggested it.” She wanted to curse him under her breath for valid reasons. She bet whatever cash she carried in her purse that many of the men on Darian’s payroll knew of her father’s precise whereabouts.

Samuel Spenser, many believed, departed the world years ago. Constance and her brothers never stopped searching and since they had unlimited resources, they never would.

Most considered the Spensers vampire royalty, at least those who understood myths and followed legends. Reality crossed somewhere in the middle.

Constance thought of herself as a member of a new race. It beat the hell out of what mortals thought. Those who believed in vampires at all feared them and with good reason. They held an extreme power, a license to kill and get away with it.

She walked through the mirrored hallway and the display of laser-crossfire, the latest in security features for the more paranoid of the Sabbats. The oldest and the most dangerous of the lot, Darian, didn’t take unnecessary risks. When someone entered one of his clubs, he knew in an instant if mortals joined them or bloodsuckers were among them. Some of the poor, unsuspecting women who paraded through his doors in search of a good time instantly became bait once they walked through the check-point.

Constance stepped into the heart of Agendas and everyone recognized her. Heads turned and a few men here or there made the mistake of whistling. If Sebastian were around—her life mate—or maybe even Gabriel, the signal alone would lead to another man’s death call.

She took a quick spin around the room after she crossed over the threshold because if she made an appearance there, she might as well make sure everyone in Edinburgh knew it. She copped the kind of strut to make grown men twitch and vampire elders uncomfortable in their robes, if they even wore them. At times, Constance wondered if those on the panel did anything more than sit around and play with themselves all day, a decision she reached after observing the perverse orders they often handed down to their young.

She scanned the dimly lit dance floor and noticed some recognizable faces, one in particular. After she spotted him, she didn’t waste time moving toward him without so much as a break in her stride.

Darian headed up the Sabbat family and conducted most of his business from Agendas. He was the Sabbat she wanted to talk to most, but with her fast approach, she quickly observed his body language. He cautioned against the sudden advance when he turned his back and squared his shoulders. The Sabbats, much like the Spensers, never wanted their enemies to meet their women.

If the man in front of Darian was an enemy, she’d hate to see his friends. A mortal, no doubt, he looked good enough to eat and swallow with one delectable bite. Broad shoulders, tight chest, high cheekbones, lovely lips, and Constance couldn’t stand it. She had to see the rest.

She hurriedly scooted around the room so she could steal an even better peek. Sure as hell, right there in front of her, her suspicions materialized. He had one fine-looking ass. Best of all, she thought as she inhaled his scent, he was mortal, as she’d suspected. Life sugar-coated in blood-red sweetness.

Book Five: Winning Virgin Devotion is COMING SOON to Siren Publishing. Take a look at what you can expect:

Arturo is a ghost from the past. His mother was a prostitute brought into a Spenser-Sabbat ménage situation and the sensational scandal was more than anyone could handle. Hundreds of years later, Arturo stirs the very seas where his ashes were once scattered. And the Sabbats and Spensers prepare for his wrath.

Interested in a new generation of vampires, Arturo joins Constance and Gabriel for a supernatural ménage encounter. Waiting for a ripe time to join them, Arturo has one goal, to see Constance pregnant with the first of many children he wants to father. When the plan fails, new ideas with harrowing consequences develop. Will Darian Sabbat stop Arturo before he destroys his family or will Samuel Spenser be the only force strong enough to deal with the ghost of Arturo Devries?

*Please note this is not the official blurb for Winning Virgin Devotion*

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