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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Releases from Destiny Blaine Productions

Just Released!

Behind the Game

Behind every game there are thousands of players but only a few true winners...

Tanner Dorsey is the only man Special Agent Ally Stephens has ever loved. He’s also a common criminal, a known drug lord and a gambler’s bookie, the kind of man known to play for high stakes.

Tanner is untouchable until Ally ends up pregnant. Then, the tables turn and Tanner suddenly has a lot on the line and plenty to lose.

With a hefty price tag placed on Ally’s pretty little head, Tanner turns to Santino DeLuca, a hired gun in the killing business. A true ladies man, Santino will undoubtedly complicate Tanner’s life but Tanner never anticipates Ally falling for the very man he hires to protect her.

Casino Player

A Las Vegas call girl wins a favorable hand when she takes a gamble on forbidden love.

WARNING: Contains one sexy Las Vegas call girl willing to do anything for her clients, even if it means playing the part of a titillating Dominatrix!

Candy, a Las Vegas call girl, lands in the middle of a fiasco when her father, a degenerate gambler, shows up in Las Vegas expecting a handout. Accustomed to taking care of her family, Candy prepares to pay up and send him on his merry way, but someone close to her has something else in mind.

Daniel, a VIP host at Casino Grand Nevada, is head over heels in love with a woman known to frequent the beds of premium casino players. Daniel loves Candy but he realizes a woman with an erotic past has the potential to destroy his career. He keeps his distance, watching and waiting for the right time to pursue her.

When Daniel realizes Candy’s father is blackmailing her, he decides he’s out of time. Daniel defends the woman he loves and Candy’s father discovers why strangers don’t show up in Las Vegas threatening one of Sin City’s very own.

Out of the Office

Vince Landry gets a shot through the heart when he lands in a sexy older woman’s target market and reaps the rewards of a well-orchestrated advertising campaign.

Tabitha Channing hits her mark with a well orchestrated advertising campaign. A woman in her forties, Tabitha places an ad for a husband. She’s seeking one hell of a man, or at least, that’s what her display advertisement suggests.

Vince Landry works with Tabitha at a local firm and he’s definitely in Tabitha’s target market. He’s young, single, and crazy about the woman behind the personal ad. Tabitha never considered dating a co-worker, but if Vince is interested, she might.

Can Tabitha give her heart to the man who holds her career in the palm of his hand and if she does, will Vince play for keeps?

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal

Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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