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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Destiny Blaine's 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour

The Party Begins Right Here, Right Now

Christmas is the season for giving and if you want to win books and other prizes, mark your calendars now and follow along on this Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Tour!

Take a look at where I’m stopping in December.

The more you post, the more chances you have to win. Visit each blog on tour and post up to three legitimate comments per day. One random winner will be chosen from those of you posting the most. If only one clear winner stands out at the end of the tour, we'll declare the commenter with the most posts the natural winner.

THE PRIZE? Is a surprise.

No, it's not a paid vacation to the beach like Author Tess MacKall recently won in the Breakfast by the Sea contest but it sure is a sweet Christmas gift, one you won't soon forget so get those comments rolling and I'll tell you more about the grand prize as the Twelve Day of Christmas Blog Tour progresses. One lucky winner will receive a very nice CHRISTMAS PACKAGE delivered to his or her home right after the blog tour ends. You can't win if you don't post!

In addition to the blog tour commenting contest, we'll also celebrate new releases, show off some new covers, talk shop with Destiny Blaine's BEHIND THE BOOK, and post several other contests at the blogs on tour. So are you ready for this? I hope so! Mark your calendars now!

This is where we're stopping on tour:

Dec. 9th:
The Romance Studio Blue Blog: Don't miss kicking off the tour at TRS BLUE BLOG. We'll give you a run down of what to expect and you can comment up to three times at one of the most popular blogs on the internet today!

Sloane Taylor-

Our second stop is at author Sloane Taylor’s blog. Many of you know Sloane because of her well written French series (French Twist, French Kiss, etc.), available now at Aspen Mountain Press.

On December 10th, I’ll share some excerpts from Waking up the Arguably Dead, a MFM paranormal comedy releasing from Passion in Print. I’m thrilled to introduce this novel especially since you’ll get a glimpse of my hometown—Blountville, Tennessee.

Dec. 11th: Tabitha Shay-

Day Three of our tour takes us to Tabitha Shay’s blog where you’ll discover why everyone is so excited about Tabitha’s best selling Witch series, now available at Amazon, in print. We’ll continue our discussion of Waking up the Arguably Dead and I’ll post some behind-the-scenes insight about this MFM book and why it’s so special to me. Come on over and celebrate release day—Waking up the Arguably Dead releases from Passion in Print on December 11, 2010.

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Dec. 12th: Tilly Greene-

Author Tilly Greene is one of my favorite authors so when Dawn Roberto told me we were stopping off at Tilly’s, well I gotta tell ya, I was pretty darn excited. Today, after we all gawk at her cowboy on Ride ‘Em, we’ll have a discussion on writing ménage romances and finish with some news about Waking up the Arguably Dead. Additionally, today is my annual Christmas party so we'll post some recaps from the party as well. See below for more information about the Destiny Blaine and Friends Annual Christmas Giveaway at LRC.

Dec. 13th: Tami’s Misc. Ramblings-

Tami’s Misc. Ramblings is one of my all-time favorite blogs and on December 13th, we’re there! We’ll talk about a new release for one of my pen names— show up at Tami’s to find out about this pseudonym! With vampires and shape-shifters, the holiday romance releasing on December 14th is sure to draw some excitement. Don’t miss this special announcement December 13th!

Dec. 14th: Amber Skyze

Author Amber Skyze is the notorious author of Gettin’ Lucky and other bestselling books. On December 14th, we have the opportunity to stop and chat with Amber and today I announce the release day of the shape-shifter/vampire romance mentioned above. I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you why I wrote this special surprise holiday installment.

Dec. 15th: Kayelle Allen’s Romance Lives Forever Blog

I’m thrilled to stop at Kayelle Allen’s Romance Lives Forever Blog. Kayelle is the award-winning author of the acclaimed Loose ID title, For Women Only and many other science fiction titles. On December 15th, we’ll start our discussion about cowboys and I’ll give you a sneak preview of my December 17th Aspen Mountain Press release—Cowboys for Christmas.

Dec. 16th Author Raine Delight's Book Nook Blog Known for her best selling sensational paranormal series, Devon Falls, Author Raine Delight is continually praised for her romantic stories and world building. I’m so excited that Raine is hosting us today because I love Devon Falls and know you will too. Today, we’ll continue our discussion about Cowboys for Christmas, my western holiday story releasing tomorrow from Aspen Mountain Press. Who knows, you may even win a copy of this MFM romance, but stop by and post before 8 PM EST—only one free copy will be up for grabs and a random winner will be chosen late tonight!

Dec. 17th: Cynthia Vespia

On December 17th, we have the pleasure of dropping by fellow author Cynthia Vespia’s blog. Cynthia, another Aspen Mountain Press author, is best known for her bestselling titles The Chosen One and Seek and Destroy. On December 17th, we’ll celebrate my Aspen Mountain Press release day and finish our discussion about Cowboys for Christmas.

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Dec. 18th: Dawn's Reading Nook-

Dawn’s Reading Nook is another one of my favorite blogs and a regular stop for many of us in the industry. Over at Dawn’s today, we’ll discuss one of the books above in more detail and another new Destiny Blaine Productions book so stop by to find out more. The day promises a number of surprises!

Dec. 19th: Love Romances Review Blog

On December 19th, we’re dropping in on Love Romances Review Blog. Love Romances Review Blog recently posted a review for Winning Virgin Blood. Take a look at what the reviewer had to say about the Spenser clan and since we’re dropping by Love Romances Review Blog today, it's a perfect opportunity to discuss the Winning Virgin books, my bestselling paranormal vampire series available now from Siren Publishing.

Dec. 20th: Melissa Bradley's Imaginarium

Today, our Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Tour comes to an end. Our last stop will take us to author Melissa Bradley’s blog at Imaginarium. Melissa is best known for her well written books found at Amber Quill. Titles like Dream On and Encore Performances are sure to grab your attention. After twelve days of blogging, we’ll have some winners to announce so don’t miss our last stop!

****JOIN IN AND POST ANYTIME--You can enter to win at any blog. The more you enter the better your chances to win!****

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