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Friday, September 30, 2011

Latest NEW RELEASES from Siren-Bookstrand and Natalie Acres

Propositioned by Outlaws releases today from Siren-Bookstrand following the #1 Siren-Bookstrand title, Wanted by Outlaws. If you enjoyed Wanted by Outlaws, you'll love the sexy men of Propositioned by Outlaws. Out today and releasing from Siren-Bookstrand with a nice savings to boot!!!!!

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They’re not ruthless outlaws, but they’re due to hang for a crime they didn’t commit, and only one woman can save them.

Fearing innocent men may swing from high ropes, Victoria uses her connections and issues a plea to the marshal, but she has ulterior motives and a personal agenda.

Lane and Art are on their way to Cripple Creek to clear their names. They encounter a woman in danger and lend a hand, but their protection costs her more than an average barter.

A prostitute’s daughter, Victoria discovers her mother once serviced men who were doomed to die. She reads explicit details regarding her ma’s past. Curious about womanhood, Victoria decides to have her way with the sexy bandits.

After a passionate night, Victoria realizes she’s unable to fathom the cowboys’ fates. She will protect the men who saved her and effectively keep them from a hangman’s noose.

And don't miss this Siren-Bookstrand TOP SELLING TITLE:

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Two cowboys come up with a kinky treatment plan to save the woman they love from a deadly addiction. Morgan Keesling realizes she’s trading her drug habit for another dependency. As she begins to rebuild her life, she discovers a Dom-sub union she not only needs, but craves.

Blake and Grant have the perfect solution to help Morgan. With an underlying motive for rekindling old love, they devise an erotic rehab program. Introducing Morgan to bondage and submission, the cowboys use a good mix of punishment and rewards to prevent her from relapsing.

Determined to protect Morgan from a drug dealer hell-bent on destroying her, Blake and Grant prepare Morgan for an alternative lifestyle. Creating boundaries designed to make her accountable for her own actions, the men face numerous obstacles. And as Blake and Grant train Morgan for submission, they discover she isn’t the only one with past issues to overcome.

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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