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Monday, April 9, 2012

Eye-Opening Research

Many cultures have their beliefs, practices, and ceremonies for spring. It's a time of renewal, a time of growth and life. I find it interesting how various cultures observe the awakening of the earth. In the cold regions, the snow and ice melts, animals mate, and people emerge from being snowbound to enjoy sunshine and blooming flora and fauna.

Often, people think of Easter when spring rolls around. However, did you know it’s a bad translation in the Bible? Think not? I'm a preacher's daughter, so look it up. You’ll be surprised. Researching history can be an real eye-opener.

The Norse worshiped pagan gods and feared them with every part of their being. One goddess they worshiped was Idun, the goddess of youth and springtime. They also observed the festival of Eostre, which was close to the spring equinox, and the goddess Ostara, who represented fertility, was heavily worshiped during this time, too.

Now that spring is here, I have another creation full of Norse coolness available to readers. It’s
Magic’s Fiery Embrace, book two of the
Fire and Ice Saga. The ancient Norse were a complex and fascinating people. Their history is full of gods, goddesses, magic, wars, nobility, strength, and honor.

While writing both book one, Emerald Fire, and book two, I discovered just how interconnected many of the Norse beliefs were.
Researching the Norse world is tough but I enjoy it; there is so much to learn and absorb it’s mind-boggling. I challenge you to meet Honey
, who becomes queen of The Green People, and then discover the fae realm and the Norse who are tied to it. Begin the first journey with a Daughter of Trinity, Ember, and battle not only an evil pursuing both Fae and Man, but also the gods who are often self-serving.

Spring is full of surprises!

For more info, click the links below. *Both books available at most distributors.* Links to other sellers are posted under the “Add to Cart” icon. Both books are written under my Molly Diamond pen name

Emerald Fire, book one:

Magic’s Fiery Embrace, book two:


Destiny Blaine said...

Thank you for visiting with us, Faith. Very interesting post! :)


Faith said...

Thanks, Destiny. I'm late getting in today, but I'll keep touting the post. :-D

Valerie Mann said...

Most of our holidays seem to be calendar-challenged, LOL
Fortunately, as long as we get the meaning behind them, the date probably isn't all that important. But you're right, I do think of Easter and springtime. Start rolling Easter eggs in the pumpkin patch and I might need therapy! Great post, Faith!

Destiny Blaine said...

Thank you again for the blog post, Faith. :) I hope you enjoyed shopping with your little guy. :)

Thank you for dropping by, Valerie. Loved the pumpkin patch comment. ;)


Faith said...

LOL @ pumpkins and Easter eggs!

LKF said...

It has drummed into my head, Easter and pretty bright spring colors on the dresses. Like Valarie said if I had to do eggs and pumpkins together I would need therapy also. I see a support group forming. lol
Great post.

Faith said...

LMAO @ the support group idea!

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