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Monday, June 18, 2012

Behind the Game by Destiny Blaine

Behind every game there are thousands of players but only a few true winners...

Tanner Dorsey is the only man Special Agent Ally Stephens has ever loved. He’s also a common criminal, a known drug lord and a gambler’s bookie, the kind of man known to play for high stakes.

Tanner is untouchable until Ally ends up pregnant. Then, the tables turn and Tanner suddenly has a lot on the line and plenty to lose.

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“He asked you about your feelings for me.” It wasn’t a question.


“And you avoided giving him a direct answer?”

He probably expected a reply for that one. “Have we reached cruising speed yet?”

“And you think you’re going to do the same here with me?”

Ally nervously studied her hands, rotating her thumbs back and forth.

“Ally? I’m not going anywhere. You’ll give me an answer or else I’ll fuck it out of you.” He shut the master stateroom door and locked it. “I’m going to do that anyway. I won’t have a problem being there a little longer. I’ll stay between your legs until I’m embedded inside your head.”

Ally shivered and her mouth watered. God help her, he made her thirsty. He looked at her like she was not only the only woman in the world, but she was already his woman.

“I belong to Tanner in all the ways that matter, Santino. No one can take his place, not in life or in death.” She felt the need to let him know death wouldn’t change her feelings for the first man she ever loved, given Santino’s career choice.

He stalked her, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He slid his arms out of the long sleeves, and then sat on the edge of the bed. Leaning back, he braced himself with muscular forearms while crossing his left leg over the right.

Her gaze went on tour. She started at the top of his head and noticed the natural damp curl hanging over his dark furrowed brow. His hooded eyes followed hers. She took a scenic road trip, traveling down his neck, across the broad stretch of shoulders, dipping down and around the flat discs on his chest and then following the curvaceous ripples of rock hard abs.

Santino’s delicious tongue settled in the corner of his mouth. “Let me know when you’re finished.”

Good grief, his confidence made her crazy. Not only was he cocky, but he possessed a smooth dominance, an alluring way to pursue a woman without being the pursuer. In his presence Ally felt like a huntress, a woman scrutinizing her prey.

“I’ve never belonged to anyone else. I’m Tanner Dorsey’s woman,” she confessed, meeting his gaze again. If her eyes darted any lower she’d have drool on her chin.

“Soon you’ll feel the same way about me, if you don’t already.”

Ally felt fully exposed in her pinstripe pastel pajamas. Barely protected by a low-cut camisole top, she was aware of his intense focus on her breasts. She gnawed nervously on her bottom lip, watching him in pure wonder and anticipating the full pursuit of a carnal man with needs he wouldn’t hesitate to express.

She realized then she put her faith in Santino, but she was terrified of him, paralyzed by what she felt whenever they were together. He spooked her for many legitimate reasons. He had rapidly become her weakness, the man who had the power to take her away from her family, or in fact, carry her home.

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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