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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome Fellow Author Nicole Morgan!

I'm pleased to introduce Nicole Morgan as my blog guest today. Nicole is sharing a blurb and excerpt from her latest Siren-Bookstrand release, The Nexus, Book One in The Paladins series. Show Nicole some love today and leave your comments. Take it away, Nicole!

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The Nexus (MF)
The Paladins Book 1
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, HEA]

Xavier Boulstridge has lived his life abiding by the Laws of the Assention. Being a Paladin, it was his duty to do so, but he couldn’t ignore the void he felt.

Rachel Folley is unhappy and unsure about her upcoming nuptials. Anxiety racks her mind, keeping her up at night.

Sparks fly after a chance encounter with Xavier. The two are drawn to one another. Neither of them is able to resist their desire. They fall in love, despite the obstacles in their way. As the days pass, they learn there is more than meets the eye to their newfound love.

Evil surrounds them. There are entities that will stop at nothing to keep them apart. As secrets are revealed and plots are unveiled, they are faced with a battle not only for their love, but for sheer survival.


“You’re still confused.”

She was surprised by his statement. He wasn’t asking her, but telling her. For someone who claimed to not be able to read her thoughts, he was doing a pretty good job at it. Something told her it would be pointless to argue, so she nodded in agreement.

“Sweetheart, last night I formed a nexus with you.”

Oh well sure. That explains everything, she thought sarcastically. A nexus? What in the heck was a nexus? She’d once used Nexxus hair products but had no clue what he was talking about.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are utterly adorable when the wheels in your head are spinning?”

Damn if he wasn’t as charming as he was handsome. “No. I’ve never been told that. I’m not really understanding you, though. A nexus?”

Xavier didn’t answer her right away. His green eyes stayed focused on her, and he slowly removed his hand that had been resting at the nape of her neck. When his hands rested at his sides, she felt a chill. The room wasn’t cold. She knew that. Just moments ago she had felt warm and so happy. That was another thing that had changed. Her feeling of contentment was gone.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel so—”

Xavier interrupted her, finishing her sentence. “Empty? Alone?”


He lifted his hand and gently touched her arm, sliding his fingertips up from her triceps all the way up to her shoulder. She closed her eyes at the sensation. His featherlight touch felt like heaven. The warmth returned to the room. Her emptiness was replaced with a feeling of overflowing joy.

“That is our nexus you feel. I feel it, too. From the moment we touched last night I knew it was you. That you were the one. I ached for you last night. I longed to touch you in any way possible. Even if that was a gentle grazing of our hands.”

Her eyes flashed open at his admission. His voice changed in that moment. No longer soft and soothing, it was deep and husky. It sent tiny prickles of pleasure all over her body. She felt as though a feather was gently caressing her, almost teasing her. It was incredible. She could feel her body’s reaction as a warm heat built up and began to slowly trickle past her opening.

“What is happening to me? How is this happening to me?”

“Shh…” He dipped his head down and lifted her chin with his other hand. “It’s happening to both of us, Rachel.”

There were probably a million things she could have said in that moment. Every single one of them escaped her and left her speechless. Her heart beat unbearably fast in the short seconds as his mouth moved closer to hers. She could hear her pulse pounding in her head as her breathing became hitched with impatience. Kiss me. Kiss me now. The words echoed in her head moments before he made her wish come true.

Xavier’s lips touched hers, gently grazing across them in a gentle motion. It was so tender, so incredibly soft that she almost didn’t feel it. His eyes closed, and he pulled her closer. Using the hand that rested on her shoulder to reach around her back and hold her firmly.

When his lips pressed harder, she became lost in the sensation he provided. Her eyes joined his in the world of darkness as she shut them. A moan escaped from somewhere deep inside, and she felt as if every amount of tension released itself into the kiss.

His tongue slid out of his mouth, swiping across her lips until she opened for it. He wasted no time once she granted him access. When his tongue finally touched hers, her senses jolted to the sensation. No longer overcome and unable to act from his power over her, she leaned closer into him while her hands grabbed onto his forearms.

Never in her life had she been kissed the way Xavier was kissing her right then in that moment. Her body felt alive and awakened to every single touch. It was an awareness like no other. She slid her hands up his arms and around to his shoulders. The broadness of them reflected in the muscles she felt tight and hard under her fingertips.

Whoever he was, whatever he was doing to her, however he was doing it, she prayed he wouldn’t stop.

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Nicole Morgan said...

Thanks for having me, Destiny! :)

Destiny Blaine said...

Thanks so much for visiting, Nicole. I meant to ask you by email, but I'll just plug the convention here while gaining info from you. ;) Are you attending TRC this weekend? If so, where can readers find you?


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