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Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Football Time in Tennessee

Introducing One for the Team by Natalie Acres

Cowboys at Play 1
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Lauren Haverfield makes a forward pass and gains possession of a football team full of prospects. Kevin Deller and Darren Banks are the first eligible receivers of Lauren’s affections, but will they face their share of penalties if they score a touchdown and win their team owner’s heart?

The line of scrimmage won’t prevent this dynamic duo from rushing for the ultimate score after Lauren secures team ownership of the Knoxville Soldiers. With big plans and illicit long-term goals, Lauren offers perks and benefits as she renegotiates contracts for the men she wants playing on her field, and in her bed.


She was the kind of woman other women envied, the type of broad that didn’t just turn heads, but she gave them a good spinning. And from the moment Kevin Deller set eyes on her, he wanted her. He desired her even though he knew what having her would potentially cost him.

The price he’d pay didn’t matter.

The only thing Kevin concerned himself with was how Lauren Haverfield made him feel. Whenever she strolled into Cap’s office with her hand out, Kevin’s heart stopped. One glimpse was all it took, and with the 2011 season upon them, he needed to focus on football, not the pussycat purring from the sidelines.

He might as well have a word with the head coach. Maybe he’d tell Cap, the team owner, to keep his ex-fiancée off the damn field.

member the next play they were due to run. A Lauren sighting made him stark crazy. The guys on the offensive line knew it and ribbed him about her on a daily basis.

God forbid if her gaze wandered toward the locker room where all the guys stripped and washed. Most of the fellows didn’t care if Lauren was around or not, but Kevin wasn’t one of them. Oh no, when her eyes were set in motion, it was the only time in a bazillion years that he was the slightest bit modest.

Yeah, he knew his reasons.

He'd made up his mind a long time ago. If Lauren gaped at the goods between his legs, she’d pay the price and get a ride for the show.

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Clair de Lune said...

Hot cover, looking forward to reading that one

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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