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Sunday, October 7, 2012

1 Naughty Night of Sex? Cerise DeLand does a giveaway!

I'm thrilled to welcome Cerise DeLand to my blog today. Cerise is dropping by to tell us about one naughty night of sex, but if you're like me and you read Cerise DeLand's books, you know one night is never enough. Welcome Cerise!

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One raunchy fulfilling night of fab sex?      

Ever had it?

I know you want it!

Doesn’t everyone?

Yes, I hear you.

Well, if you can’t find a good one to have the night with, I have a man for you to live vicariously. He’s a bartender in The Menger Hotel’s famous old bar where Teddy Roosevelt signed up his Rough Riders.

His name is Luke and wow, is he yummy! (Do note his smile.)

As seen here in this cover (done by my buddy, Nicole Austin who is also one of the Sassy 7), Luke is a dream in bed and out.

You have to read to learn just how yummy he is.

BUT. I have a challenge for you.

Tell me and us here what your night of NAUGHTY SLEEPOVER would be like and to one (whose name I will draw blindfolded cuz how can there be so-so answers to this, eh?) I will give away one copy of MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

Then, of course, you MUST go buy all the others in this series of NAUGHTY SLEEPOVERS. All 7 are out today and you must run, not walk to buy them all.

(Then do come join us for our conference at the Menger in February in San Antonio!)

I cannot guarantee that you will find Luke there at the bar.

But I do guarantee you will have more fun with all us females than you have ever had at any conference anywhere!

So. Post here.

What is your poison for a Naughty Sleepover, hmmm?


And stop by and see me sometime at my own website:

Onward to the posting. And be sure to leave your email addy!

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Linda Bolton said...

having one this weekend....we're cooking bananas foster (using the sauce for other things than bananas) and trying things neither of us have tried before...

Kathy L. said...

Sending my son to go on camping trip with his uncle and cousins. Have a few things planned with the hubby that will knock his socks off. Bought some tear away things and whipping cream. Oh boy!

Faith said...

I won't go into detail because my hubby would have a fit, lol, but my first night with him was a night I'll never forget. First time a man had truly made me feel like a woman, and I was smart and married him after that, LOL!

bicknellbrown AT sbcglobal DOT net

Kate Richards said...

On my naughty sleepover (because in this fantasy I am single, obviously) several of my favorite romance heroes from the naughty sleepover series will be standing outside, begging to be picked...and I'll pick 2..maybe 3. Because I can't hurt all their feelings...all those hot, sweet guys!

Then we draw the curtains...because exhibitionism isn't my thing, but I'll report back later.

Destiny Blaine said...

Linda~ You know how to grab this gal's attention. A Bananas foster treat happens to be a favorite here so about that sauce... ;)

Kathy~I hope the weather holds out in your neck of the woods so the camping trip is a done deal. :) Sounds like you're ready to find creative ways to pass the time!

Faith~ Darn. I was hoping for juicy details similar to those you write in your books. Snap-damn. ;)

Kate~If you're talking about the men gracing these covers today: then I couldn't agree more. Two or three sounds about right. ;)

*Can't wait for Kate to return with her full report*

Ladies, thank you for posting today. Come back and check out the posts later when Cerise returns to award a free copy of her newest Decadent Publishing release MORE THAN YOU KNOW!


Faith said...

LOL! Let's just say it went on allllll night long!

Destiny Blaine said...


No wonder you kept him around!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about this book series and about the Naughty Sleepover weekend! Who is going? We'll be hosting the Decadent Chocolate Experience. Yum!

Starla Young said...

I won't go into detail because my husband would have a fit but when we were dating there was a movie night at my home that involved an interesting snack of ice cream. It was a steamy and cool at the same time night. ;)

Destiny Blaine said...

Decadent Publishing~ Oh my goodness, you just spoke to this writer’s heart. :) Yes, who out there will be attending the Naughty Sleepover Celebration? Blog guests, if you haven’t visited The Sassy Seven event page, take a look: Thanks for dropping by today, Decadent Publishing.

Destiny Blaine said...

Starla~Now that's a tantalizing combination! Thanks for sharing, Starla. :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and are lucky to get naughty sleepovers most Saturday nights ... our son stays with my mother, so we're all spoiled. On our top must-have naughty checklist: a sensual massage. Sigh, two years ago my soul mate got us a professional table for our anniversary, and it's one of the best gifts ever. Definitely a naughty-night-must-have!

Kate Richards said...

I'm all signed up for the sleepover, bringing my 25 year old niece who's desperate for a girl's night out...or three :) We're going to enjoy San Antonio and the haunted Menger Hotel to the fullest

Jessica Subject said...

Oh, the DH and I would rent a hotel room with a hot tub and big bed. We'd bring our bag of naughty toys and have fun all night.

LM said...

Anytime both kids are gone!!

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

LOVE all these comments!
Let me get cracking and come back to you wiht a winner!

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

FAITH! You are the winner of a copy of MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

Big XXX to all who came and posted.
some very fine ideas here!

Destiny Blaine said...

Congratulations, Faith!
Let me know if you need Cerise's email to claim your prize.

To our blogging guests:

Thank you for sharing your naughty comments! Please drop by again and visit!


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