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Friday, September 27, 2013

Cowboy Boots Promotion Now through September 28th

Cowboy Boots and Uncensored Behavior is available for pre-orders!

The enemy is attacking from all sides
Maria Rodriquez shadows the Longhorn division. As a trained operative, she handles destruction at a distance, but she doesn’t know the devastation of scrubbing blood off hands that just won’t come clean.
One adversary is down, but another one is waiting to strike
Scott Zelmore has waited years to reconnect with Maria and jumps at an opportunity to help the Longhorn division even an old score. On a mission destined to change his life, Scott teams up with operatives Drake Davenport and Cade Livingston in an effort to eliminate a South Texas gang.
When the smoke clears, only their love for one another will stand the test of time
A formidable underground unit enemy emerges as soon as the operatives think they’re in the clear. Explosive consequences leave the underground unit looking for more revenge than ever before and in the midst of personal trials and collective struggles, a new love forms.

Quick Clip

Las Vegas, Nevada

He moved over her like he was late for the party and in a hurry to see what he’d missed. His mouth traveled. His hands wandered. He might have missed the meal, but he wasn’t about to leave without indulging in dessert.
Scott had spent the last four hours trying to make up for his delayed arrival, but as their time together drew to a close, he realized one important factor—he was the famished partner. He was the one still horny as hell. When it came to loving Maria, one kiss left him hungry for another. One minute between her legs and he was a ruined man, a man who let himself imagine a better life, a life with children and family.
A man who didn’t have the right to think about a future with a woman.
“Slow down, Scott,” Maria crooned, arching her neck. Her body followed suit and she clearly braced for impalement, practically cried out for a deeper penetration.
He locked his arm around her waist and brought her to him, smothering her full breasts with ravenous kisses. He peppered every inch of her flesh with a sultry peck.
He had a specific goal as he trailed up and down her silken flesh. Once he left her, she’d remember where he’d been, where he’d placed each bruising kiss.
Time ticked away, marching off like a tired soldier in the middle of a cold winter’s night, dragging on and pushing forward with haunting steps.
Scott was all too aware of each passing minute. He glanced at the digital clock beside them and acknowledged the hour. His plane would leave in ninety minutes, but there was still time to enjoy the woman who held his heart. He could still savor the here and now. 

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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