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Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Covering the Spread

This title is a previously published title. Please read the book blurb and full description before making your purchase.
He’s playing for his brother’s debt
Quarterback Lane Levermore is in a hell of a fix. He’s set to play in one of the most important games of his career, and his brother is in too deep with Vegas bookmakers, bookies who are looking at Lane for repayment.
She’s stumbled across questionable pre-game lines
Feisty sports reporter Donna Belfour has her eye on Lane Levermore. Her instincts are razor sharp, and she knows there’s a world of heat gathering around her favorite quarterback. Determined to call Lane out on his unfavorable intentions, Donna digs up some scandalous information that could ruin careers.
Winning the game will come at an extraordinary price
After a frustrating first half, Lane acknowledges a serious problem with one sexy vixen. He hauls Donna off to a nearby vacant office and addresses a few of those more personal concerns. 
By the start of the third quarter, Lane’s luck has definitely changed. He is confident he will not only cover the game spread, but with any luck, he may just win his woman’s heart.

Bang a Cowboy

This title was previously published. Please read the summary to determine if you've previously purchased this book.
How far will a family go to hide embarrassing secrets? How deep will an intelligence agent dig in order to uncover them?
Audra McAllister is one tough broad leading a small team of modern day renegades determined to protect those they’re hired to guard. However, her extensive training never prepared her for Brance Willingham, a man from the past who is determined to win her hand, maybe even her love.
Safeguarding an affluent American family, Audra fears the enemy is living among them. Soon, her fellow agents discover they’re helping a high profile family conceal the truth behind an enormous political scandal. And they’re forced to make professional decisions with the potential to destroy them all.

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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