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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New from Siren-Bookstrand: Sexual Healing by Natalie Acres

*Adult Excerpt* 

“Lord, have mercy!” Brianna forced her chest forward and arched in Handsome’s muscular arms.
“That’s it, pretty woman. Get wild with me.” He buried his lips in her cleavage and nuzzled her breasts as his repetitive stroking gained momentum.
Thrust for thrust, she matched him, lost in the impeccable feeling of a hard screw, a real nice fuck. Handsome’s rigid cock was large enough to shatter a good girl’s dreams, but no one had ever mistakenly called Brianna out as a good girl. When she’d spotted Handsome in that mountainside bar, she’d known precisely what her flirting would earn her. So far, Handsome hadn’t disappointed.
Stroke. After stroke. After stroke. He delivered sweet-pounding excitement, the kind that would serve as a good reminder day after tomorrow.
Brianna brushed her clit against his groin, beckoning him to move closer, fuck deeper. Her breath caught as she felt him stiffen inside her. She leaned way back, loving the wicked and throaty laugh escaping his lips.
“Good God, woman, you’re a wildcat.” He grabbed hold of her hips, jerked her forward, and thrust inside her walls, shoving his cock still higher.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet, cowboy,” she drawled, playing the game. She didn’t want to win, of course, but it was nice to think she might be a contender if she happened to decide she wanted to keep the prize.
In a matter of minutes, Brianna and Handsome were grinding out that old familiar rhythm. He flipped her over, staying locked inside her pussy as their positions changed.
Back on bottom, Brianna locked her legs around Handsome’s waist and enjoyed the hell out of him. No one could accuse this cowboy of being lame in bed. He had all the right moves and the good looks to carry him through each and every one. Tall, dark, and definitely wearing his name well, Handsome was cut like a well-trained man-stud with shapely pecs and abs, a great ass, and a pretty face to boot.
Brianna couldn’t believe her good fortune. That is, until Handsome took on a much different persona. His dark, hooded eyes became as heavy as hovering clouds. Even worse, they were as cold and murky as a dirty pond in the middle of winter and every bit as ugly. As his body jerked with his release, he locked his hands around her neck until she couldn’t breathe, let alone scream!

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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