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Monday, August 25, 2014

Sharing a sneak preview from

Cowboy Boots and Inconspicuous Motives (MF)

Brock Donovan’s enemies found his weak spot.
Sydney Donovan is her husband’s whole world. Now his enemies know what it will take to bring one powerful man to his very knees.
She put an entire organization at risk.
Sydney’s need for independence places her in enormous danger. Now, the Underground Unit teams are facing an unknown enemy in order to save her life.
He is fully prepared to meet their demands.
Sydney understands what’s at stake. The authority’s enemies have banded together and they want Brock to trade his life for hers.
His adversaries will attack from all sides.
Operatives from around the country join Brock’s rescue effort, but as the identities of the Donovan's rivals are revealed, Brock realizes there’s more at risk than Sydney’s safety. The Underground Unit operatives have bounties on their heads and at the going rate, it won’t be long before the danger moves close enough to destroy the operatives and all they hold dear.

Available now at Siren-Bookstrand as a pre-order selection

Brock phoned a friend and then called another one. The first one couldn’t come through but the second one had a small private plane fueled up and ready to go. Brock ditched his flight from Atlanta and flew to Abingdon, where two eighteen-wheelers were waiting on him.

“I guess it pays to have good pals in high places,” Brock said, shaking hands with Marvin Pratt, one of the Underground Unit’s private investors. “You doing all right, Marvin?”

“Fine.” A man of few words, he directed him to the rigs.

Brock acknowledged Logan Remington behind the wheel in the other truck. Turning to Pratt, he said, “We won’t be bringing them back in the same condition.”

“I never thought you would.”

“Thank you,” Brock said, taking the keys offered and climbing in the truck.

“Brock, if you need anything, anything at all, I’m here. I’ll stay in Virginia until I know she’s safe.”

“Thanks, Marvin.” Brock slammed the door, glanced over at Logan, and twirled his finger in the air. “Let’s roll.” Two minutes later, they raced out of the airstrip parking area and that’s when it hit him. Brock didn’t know where the hell they were going.

Fishing his phone out of his pocket, he called Jett. “Where are they?”

“And you say you’re on your game?” A beat later, he added, “Directions were just sent to the phone in your console. Pratt placed it there for your use. Number is on the back. It’s secure.”

“I never claimed to be on my game. I just said I’d give up my life for hers, which I’m still prepared to do. We should’ve done this by the book.”

“You heard the recordings. Sydney blew any chance at that happening when she opened her mouth and told her captors just who they had in custody. You can’t do this one by the book, Brock.”

Well no shit.

“You have a few things working in your favor,” Jett said. “They gave you forty-eight hours to get there. They won’t be looking for you at Tri-Cities.”

“Don’t fool yourself. They knew when I boarded the plane in Las Vegas and knew when I missed the flight in Atlanta. Hell, they probably had someone on me there.”

“Doubtful,” Jett said. “That airport is too chaotic. Everyone is always running to catch their next flight. If anything, they might have had someone at your arrival gate, but once you were on your way, they were on theirs.”

“Got this all figured out, do you?” Brock had a sneaking suspicion someone had been watching him step for step from the time he left their condo in Vegas. “Have you been able to track down Luke or Kevin?”

“No,” Riley deadpanned. “And I don’t think we will. My guess is they’re already there in Virginia working their own agenda for getting Sydney out.”

“They’re not the only ones,” Zelmore said, entering the conversation. “Sloane, Brock, now we’ve got one new problem and two women to save.”

Brock dragged his hand through his hair. Dear God, what part of “I’ve got this” did his team miss?

“What are you sayin’ Zelmore?” Sloane asked.

Brock didn’t inquire because he’d known from the moment Veronica had said she was working with them. She’d put herself out there to save Sydney because she was arrogant enough to believe she could get in, get out, and save the day. Kind of like a few other operatives Brock knew.

“They’ve got Veronica,” Zelmore informed them.

“How the fuck did that happen?” Sloane’s rage reverberated through the phone. “What the hell was she thinking?”

Zelmore said, “Your guess, man.”

“What do you see?” Brock asked.

“It’s not good. Looks like Veronica showed up just in the nick of time. They have Sydney bound, gagged, and Brock? Man, we need a plan now. Two of the dudes just brought in a couple of pails of water and steam’s rising from them. Another dude is holding bandanas. You can guess what’s going on.”

“Damn it to hell, Zelmore! How are you there and able to watch all this shit without acting!”

“You told him to stand down,” Sloane said in a tight voice.

He also told him to move once he figured out he was the only one on the scene! “And what the fuck are you doing, Remington? Filing your nails?”

Riley said, “Fortunately for us, he isn’t trying to be the hero.”

“Well, why should he try? Apparently he’s married to the bionic woman and she seems to have this all under fucking control!”

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