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Monday, November 9, 2015

Spotlight on 2015 Releases: Screw Me Sideways by Natalie Acres

Screw Me Sideways (MFM)

Story Excerpt

“What’s going on here, Kellan?” Officer Jack Greber was on the scene. “Larry, lower your weapon! He’s one of the good guys.” A beat later, he added, “At least, I think he is. Quit choking him, Kellan. You’ll kill him.”
“Jack, that might be a good thing.” Kellan loosened his grip but decided it didn’t feel right. He added pressure once more, just enough to prove he meant business. “This guy attacked Jade Summers.”
“For the love of God, Kellan.” Jack pulled him away from the beast. “What are you trying to do? Murder him in cold blood and in front of witnesses?”
He’d thought about it.
The other officers rushed Jade’s attacker. He was dragged to his feet and secured in handcuffs.
Kellan glared at the sorry excuse of a man. Rage pumped through his body as he studied the van right next to Jade’s parked car. If he hadn’t been there, this guy would’ve taken her hostage and then what? He glanced at Jade, noticing the fright in her eyes, the way her body shook violently as if she were scared to death.
She had every reason to be afraid. If this burly fellow worked for Hank Sarsarone, then he was there for a purpose and money was driving him. Hank’s thugs earned more than a few pennies for their time. Because of the income and the perks, they seldom made mistakes.
“Listen, you.” Kellan pointed. “Come after her again or anyone I know or care about and I’ll kill ya with my bare hands.”
“Kellan!” Jack pushed him aside. “For heaven’s sakes! Remember where you are! There’s an audience full of kids here.”
Kellan jerked free of Jack’s grip. “And there would’ve been a lot of witnesses if Jade had been abducted, but nobody would’ve seen anything.” This time he jabbed his finger against the attacker’s chest. “Ask Hank how he’d feel if someone went to his grandchild’s school.”
“Are you threatening Mr. Sarsarone?” The fellow laughed. “I’ll need your name please.”
“What I thought.” The dumbass didn’t even know what had happened. Kellan needed confirmation so he could report back to his boss and the Cartwells. “So Hank Sarsarone made his first move.” He snorted at that. “Tell him we’re ready for him.”
It was time to play hardball. “And the name is Kellan. Kellan Andrews. Tell him to send a damn army.”

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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