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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spotlight on Series: Cowboy Sex by Natalie Acres

From the other side of the fence

Cowboy Sex and bestselling spin-off series!

Sex Party (MFMM)

Sex Games (MFMM)

Sex Camp (MFMM)

Sex Holiday (MFM)

Sex Club (MFMMM)

Sex Retreat (MFMM)

Sex Slave (MFM)

Sex Fest (MFMM)

The above books are novel-length with the exception of Sex Holiday which was written for a holiday short story submission.
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The Cartwell and McKay saga continues with 2 Cowboy Sex Spin-Off Series. Contemporary Cowboys is set in East Tennessee and features the Baldini sisters. The plots were loosely based on true stories. The romantic elements--sadly--were not. Still, I love these books and hope you will, too. Good reading abounds when you find the truths hidden in fiction! 

Sexual Healing (MFMM)

Sexual Expression (MFMM)

Sexual Affection (MFM)

Sexual Frustration  (MFMMMMM)

Welcome to Clink, the Cartwell/McKay lifestyle club set in Western North Carolina 

Screw Me Sideways (MFM)

Wyoming Leg Spreader (MFMM)

"These gals stir up a good scandal with sexy bartenders and excitement that never ends"

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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