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Monday, July 25, 2016

Spotlight on Legends by Destiny Blake

They may be called out as vampires, but the real monster-in-the-mirror is a

different beast altogether.....

~A legacy from the grave, legends since birth~


Prior to their eighteenth birthdays, eight teenagers are summoned overseas. Upon their arrival in The Cook Islands, they begin Summer Assembly, an initiation for transitioning vampires. They train under one of the oldest vampires known to man—Legend Sinclair, who happens to be their father. 

With mixed feelings and new responsibilities, Legend’s children battle with their decision about duty, honor, and saving the world from a sinister global evacuation plan. Their goal is to stop the immoral Entitled Ones who plan to use genocide to regain full control over the world’s population and its unsuspecting citizens. If the elites are successful, they’ll position themselves with old world titles within the New World Order. And millions will die before their reign of terror begins.

Legend and his family will do whatever necessary to stop the Entitled Ones and shine a light on a corrupt shadow government and its evil propaganda. While Legend’s teenage sons and daughter battle between right and wrong, they also come to terms with giving up what they cherished most—high school friends, their North Carolina homes, and a highly anticipated senior year. 

Their rewards will be great if they can expose the corruption behind a reformed world, but their battles are more complicated than they seem. Legend’s family will face off with the supernatural world and discover there are underlying wicked currents driving the onset of a reformed world. 

Times Square
New York City

Hours later, Legend left the master suite in his rented penthouse. Captive, Griffin, and Saber had depleted the stored blood and were now sprawled out on the living room furniture, watching the evening news.
“All finished with the sibs?” Griffin asked without averting his eyes.
“They had a lot of questions.”
“Did you tell them you murdered our mothers?” Saber asked coolly.
“Who told you that?” Captive asked, shifting his gaze between brothers.
“They’re resting,” Legend said, refusing to say more. “And we need to focus on what’s important.”
“Our moms aren’t important?” Griffin shook his head. “If you ask me, they had a significant role. Without them, you wouldn’t have a small army of killers at your disposal.”  
“You aren’t killers,” Legend said. “And I don’t want to go over this with you when I’ve just done the same with your sister and brothers.”
“What would you call us?” Captive asked.
“Individuals who care about saving mankind.”
“That was your goal, not ours,” Captive reminded him.
“It’s our duty and a privilege as well. The world has been deceived. We are days away from revealing the truth.”
 “Does your version of the truth have anything to do with this map?” Captive tapped the dining room tabletop. “The US is divided up and has seven districts here.”
“Fields, districts, areas, call them whatever you want, but there are clear lines of division.” Captive slowly lifted his chin and stared into Legend’s eyes. “And like I said, there are only seven of them.”
“That’s right,” Legend said, acknowledging the growing tension. “Dubbed as Legend’s Fields—only because it has such a nice ring to it—these areas will be divided after a win for us and a loss for the Entitled Ones.” 
“Assuming we’re successful and the Entitled can’t reboot the world with one keystroke.” Captive used his index finger and followed a royal blue line from the Southeast corner of the Pacific Northwest to the Northern tip of Texas. He paused there. “This is called ‘The Rest’ and the other fields have more specific names. Why?”
“When it’s time to declare the fields as governed areas, we’ll position leaders at specific geographical points. Anticipated population count determined how these areas were divided on paper.”
Captive slowly lifted his head once more. “You didn’t answer my question.”         
“The Rest marks territories which are less likely to have an uprising. The area is considered a safe zone but these fields have various entrances to underground tunnels and bunkers which may be accessed at another time.”  
“You say that like there’s really no way to stop the Global Shift.” Griffin turned sideways, propping his arm on the sofa’s back. “Do you expect us to fail?” 
“No.” He didn’t want to discuss the fields. The main reason had more to do with the number of fields and how they would be assigned rather than the actual purpose for them.
“What’s going on, Legend?” Captive butted his hip against the table and crossed his massive arms. In terms of physical strength, Captive was Legend’s equal and he seemingly knew it. “Holding out on us?”
 “As questions arise, I try to answer them.”
 “Then let’s start with the obvious,” Captive said. “There are eight of us.”
 “Be sure you want to ask that next question before you do.” 
Captive glanced at Saber and Griffin. They both shook their heads, but he still considered it before he relented and said, “Let’s talk about the fields then. The largest territory…who gets it?”
“Now you’re looking for a fight.” Legend chuckled. “But you’ll be relieved to know that The Rest goes to Sin.”
“Which means she lives,” Saber pointed out, sneering.
“Why would you give her that much open territory?” Captive asked, opting to ignore Saber’s comment.
Griffin joined them and studied the map. “Looks like you’re giving a lot of power to one person.”
Saber didn’t move from the sunken living area. He never looked their way when he said, “She’s a girl. She’ll be underestimated.”
“It’s not worth the risk. Come here and look.” Captive waited for Saber and then trailed his finger between two locations. “Here.” He jabbed his finger at the next stop. “And here.” He looked up at his brothers. “These are two of the main Entitled-owned bunker locations. They fall within ‘The Rest’ which Legend now says will be managed by Sin. She’ll be covering the most dangerous fields.”
“And like Saber pointed out, she will be underestimated.”
“Surely you aren’t banking on a guess.” He pushed away from the table. “Wait a minute. You don’t think she’ll be underestimated. You think she’ll be ignored altogether.”
 “That too.” Legend smiled. “I know it seems like I’m giving her too many responsibilities, but—”
“It’s not the responsibility she can’t handle. It’s the power,” Saber said sensibly. “With great power comes a steep price. What price will she pay? Have you thought about that?”
“Of course he hasn’t,” Griffin said, running his palms across two large masses. “But if it makes you feel better, my money says you and Captive are on the outer territories.”
“Exactly,” Legend said. “She’ll always have the two of you to call upon in the event of my absence.”
“Why? Are you going somewhere?” Griffin always asked too many questions.
“Not planning on it.” And some of his questions couldn’t be answered.
“Okay then,” Captive said, narrowing his eyes. “Still open for questions?”
“Sure,” Legend said, bracing for those he wouldn’t want to answer.
“Why did you send the others home and keep us here in New York?” 
“Can’t wait to hear this,” Griffin said, picking up a travel itinerary from the table. “And why are we seeing the world while the others are preparing for the first day of school?”
“Answer him,” Captive said, a dangerous edge in his voice. 
Legend didn’t like his tone. “The Entitled Ones may know you’ve been turned earlier than expected. You’ll meet Rogue, the vampire who turned me, and he’ll be able to answer more questions about the Entitled.” 
Griffin seemed distant. “So we’re not going up against the Entitled Ones alone?”
“Yes and no. It’s complicated.”
“It always is, but isn’t.” Saber stalked Legend. “You’re using the others as bait. What if these people show up in Legends? Do you honestly think someone like Diven can protect himself?”
“I wouldn’t worry about Diven,” Griffin said. “He’ll kill them with his poetry or one of his boring monologues.”
Legend laughed. “Diven’s one of a kind for sure.”   
“Do you think this is funny?” Captive asked, his face as red as an apple. “Sin and Diven can’t fight an army of elite forces! And you can’t assume Tole and Gideon can hold their own without us!”             “First, the Entitled Ones would never storm Legends with an army. While they do have armies behind them, most of their troops are in Europe. Secondly, I’m touched that you care for your siblings as much as you do but you’ll find that Sin will soon be able to beat most adversaries by using her gifts and physical strength while Diven will always ‘out-smart’ anyone who approaches them.”
Saber grunted. “That’s debatable.”
“You have that much confidence in Sin?” Griffin asked.
“Don’t you?”
“She’s a thin teenager and a girl for crying out loud!” Captive was enraged.
“She’s tall and slender, yes, but Sin is in better physical shape than any of you. She eats right, exercises four or five hours a day and…”  
“And she has a double-shot of your blood running through her veins,” Captive said, undoubtedly putting two and two together. “She never needed a blood transfusion. Did she?”
“She exercises four or five hours a day?” Saber was clearly impressed. “Damn. Remind me not to call her out in a fight.”
 “Sin doesn’t have friends so she spends her time on health and wellness. When she was turned, we better understood her strong will and overall physical strength. While she was easy to turn, she was the most difficult to bring back. She held on to her humanity longer than any of you.”
“Like the way you danced around the blood transfusion bit,” Captive said.
“Yeah, he’s got twirling on his toes down to a science,” Saber muttered.
“Okay fine. Yes, she has a double-shot of my blood, as you put it. She received those transfusions for nearly ten years.”
“Talk about playing favorites,” Saber said.
“Do they know?” Griffin asked. “I mean shouldn’t you tell them that the Entitled may come for them?”
“Sin will figure it out,” Legend said. “But again, the Entitled won’t show up there with an army. They’ll send scouts who will report back to London’s Council. It would be highly unusual for their scouts to approach any of my children.”
“So now we know why they’re at home. Why are we here?” Griffin asked.
Legend tapped the table. “You won’t find your purpose on that map. Your field positions will come at a later date. For now, we deal with the Council. We’re going to Belgium.”
“Why?” Griffin asked.
“Because he thinks we can get one of those vacated seats,” Captive said, rolling the map. “And the beautiful people landed in Brussels yesterday for a ribbon cutting ceremony at their annual rave. Since they’re all in town, they’ll probably meet.”
“Someone watches Tabloid News at Noon.” Legend was pleased. “And yes, a meeting is scheduled.”
“Why is that seat so important if we’re planning to stop the Global Shift?” Griffin asked. “What aren’t you telling us?” 

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