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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm looking for this cowboy....and enough rope to tie him down and keep him around for a little while!

Chapter One:

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"If sexy could be captured and painted, that gal there would be on many a canvas."

Jack directed his conversation to Jonathan, but he barely heard him as the young woman with golden hair galloped by him once more.

Dirt stirred and hooves pounded. The rider held tight, circling the bullpen with full intent to tame, to ride. The black horse she rode sported a coal-black tail and flowing mane. But the image of the woman on the animal would be etched in the man's mind for later recall to inspire and guide late night fantasies. Blonde locks were far more beautiful than words ever described. Not to mention the bounce that the mount automatically helped her provide.

"It's a sin for a woman to ride like that in front of a man."

He seemed to follow her every move, but Jonathan Woodwine saw through him. He wanted to be sure, beyond reasonable doubt, the man next time him paid close attention. "There's no sin in it that I can see." Jonathan had already noticed her. The skill with which she rode the contrary stallion they owned had to be admired even by the best of cowboys. He couldn't stop himself from thinking about every which way a woman like that could soothe an aching man's body.

When her full lips moved with a cluck or a whistle, he watched her mouth form the sound before her vocal box issued the command. It teased him, and Jonathan wasn't a man easily toyed with, even by the best looking of women. If the horse moved a little too fast or slowed to an abrupt halt, he allowed his gaze to creep over the thigh muscles that clung to the unsaddled animal for dear life. It was absurd to think about while the young female fought to gain control of the wild creature she was paid to break.

"I told you. If that stud could be overpowered, she was the one to do it." The older man pointed and nodded his head. "I told you. She's the best."

Jonathan agreed. "Yeah, Jack, you did. Several times." His gaze continued to follow the cowgirl. She seemed to take pleasure in the minutes she spent riding the savage creature.

"Are you going to just stand there all day and daydream it away or are you going to get some work done before this heat sets in?" He looked up at the sun and his upper lip twitched while his brow tried to cover and shade his vision from the glare. "It's going to be a hellish day. An inferno."

"Might be, but work can wait. I'll get to it at some point. Just not yet." Jack moved the toe of his boot back and forth in the dust. "For now, I'll stand here and watch over Ms.Victoria, if you don't mind, sure wouldn't want anything to happen to her. That damn horse isn't ready to surrender yet. You can see it in his eyes."

The beast's nostrils flared as if to further confirm the observation. The beautiful mount reared high, with his strong front legs kicking out the vilest of tempers.

"Whoa now, easy boy." The woman's voice soothed as she attempted to work it out with him.

The horse only gained more strength as he bucked hard just a few more times for good measure, before he resigned himself to a temporary defeat.

Jonathan had to agree—if the lady wanted to ride herself silly, a man needed to be around once she hit the ground. After all, her little ass seemed destined for an introduction to the solid earth beneath them. "Suit yourself. Don't forget, we have a hell of a day ahead of us tomorrow. We have a lot to do around here if we're going to leave at first light."

Jack nodded and ran a calloused hand through his thick grey hair. "A man can at least have a beautiful woman to look after before he hits that open range."

"I suppose he can. No harm in it." Jonathan had already seen enough to burn her image in his mind for a while, and it happened to be the very reason he forced himself to turn away.

The female riding his prized horse did so with legs gripping the muscle and flesh beneath her. His imagination had already weighed in, heavy as it was, on his mind. If he didn't walk away, the stares he'd send her way would be saturated with intent, full of meaning and hell would flame higher if he had the opportunity to act on it. Sometimes a man just had to practice a little self control and his time arrived without a second to spare. Since it had, it seemed pointless to ignore it. A woman like that would recognize a man in heat. Hell, she could probably sniff them out.

Any man should have been ashamed to stand by the fence with nothing but authentic lust in his eyes and his sex reminding him he had upright interest waiting for her in his jeans. Yeah, he had to turn away. That is, if he planned to keep it in his pants. He had a feeling the woman he'd only just met would appreciate a gentleman.

Her display of wild abilities didn't go unnoticed. The facts, as she presented them, told an uncivilized tale. She rode bareback with the strength and determination of a man. Jonathan found himself wondering if she had the ability to do the same thing for the man she took to her bed. He hoped like hell he'd find out, assuming she didn't already have one waiting for her there.
After seeing the woman ride with breasts bouncing and legs squeezing, the thoughts consumed him with want. It was lust at first sight and just enough to force his hand. He had to move away, and even that act alone, challenged his will.

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