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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let's Chat

It’s Thursday.

Normally, the pecking sounds of a keyboard would fill my office but not today. Nope. I’m lazy. I have my folders stacked high beside me. I have a couple of contracts to look over and then tuck away inside the filing cabinet and yes, there’s a manuscript to write and several more to edit. I shouldn't goof off today.

Still, I want to play. I have little interest in writing today. It’s beautiful outside. And inside? Well, inside it’s down-right HOT!

Yep—there’s a chat going on and that’s where I am. I’m chatting over at Joyfully Reviewed today because they’re having a paranormal day. Yes, you heard right. It’s a day when it makes perfect sense to stop what you’re doing and rush right over. If you don’t, you’ll be left out.

In fact, I’m so excited; I’m going to give away a copy of Winning Virgin Blood. It’s a PDF copy and I’ll give it away tomorrow but you have to post to win today.

All you have to do is post right here and tell me something great and interesting. Anything will do. It can be simple. Tell me you love my website—tell me you love your website. Anything positive and you’re entered to win a copy of Winning Virgin Blood. Post something about the chat over at Joyfully Reviewed or include something specifically paranormal—and I’ll enter you twice! Once for a free copy of Winning Virgin Blood and once for a copy of Bewitching Bite!

So what are you waiting on—talk to me!

Have a great day today and check out Joyfully Reviewed at


Destiny Blaine


Anonymous said...

Hi Destiny!! Wow - lots of books out this year! I can't wait until it's time for me to get out of here...Myrtle I come!! I hope to do some more work on Write Me a Valentine and also get to all the ebooks I've stored on my of them being Winning Virgin Blood. Woo hoo!

Diane McEntire

Lynnsplanet said...

You made me smile. I've missed you around here, Destiny. :)

Does accomplishments count as positives -- I feel so accomplished today. ;)

My awesome book, A Psychic Hitch has gone live at Fictionwise - WOOHOO!

Last Glass of Wine comes out three weeks from today and I'm so excited.

I haven't seen my husband since Monday, because of our work schedules - so he called to say, I love you.

Destiny's list of books coming out this year is pure inspiration. Isn't she an amazing lady.

I finished the expansion on Jewel of the Sun's BLOOD DESTINY - now I'm proofing it. Yay!

Welcome back!


lindseye said...

I love paranormal books and I am always finding more authors who have stories I can not wait to read. Though I will buy ebooks, I still prefer a paperback. Much easier to go back and reread part or all of a chapter. I am planning on checking out Winning Virgin Blood as soon As I can figure out which publisher. Thanks for publicizing paranormal day at Joyfully Reviewed or I would miss it.

Danielle said...

Hello my dear!! You know, this is the first time that I've dropped by your blog! I know, I know...bad girl but it won't happen again!

Have to tell ya that I enjoyed your post from yesterday about the reverse day. What a great take on how to deal with the day! And believe me when I say that I understand what you mean about the industry and the difference of working with men vs working with women...I know them both all too well.

As always, I love what you put out there because half the time, I'm thinking it as well!

Be bad chica so I can live through you!

Love Ya,


Anonymous said...

hi detiny!

awesome news and of course i just loooove your giveaway! lol

Mary Ann said...

Hey Destiny, I love your site! All the books look great! I would love to read Winning Virgin Blood! If I don't win it I will very likely be forced to go buy it!! (G)
On a positive note I received my book from today that lists the best poets and poems of 2007 and I am happy to say one of them is my poem!!!
Mary Ann

EdgesAngel23 said...

Hi Destiny!! Just had to drop by and say hi! Winning Virgin Blood looks like a damn good book! (Oops pardon my language there I guess!)
YAY for PARANORMAL DAY!!!! Thanks for letting me know about it, or I would have missed it and all the great paranormal excerpts!!
Ashley A

Cathy said...

Love paranormal stories and the chat at Joyfully reviewed had me adding some new titles to my list. Big congrats on great reviews for Winning Virgin Blood, I can't wait to read it.

thewildtwo said...

Heya Destiny!

Congrats on the great reviews! Still trying to catch up on the chat at Joyfully Reviewed. Sheeewww, lots of fun today! I loved Bewitching Bite and if Winning Virgin Blood is anywhere near it.....whooooweee, can't wait!

Positive?? My daughter just graduated from high school and will be attending culinary school in the fall!! Whoooot!! My own Chef-Baby-R-Deee!! LOL

Destiny Blaine said...

Come on back and check out the blog later tonight! I'll have two winners to announce and responses to all comments then too!

Destiny :))

Destiny Blaine said...

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by to blog with me!

Diane, I hope you have a great time at the beach. I can't wait to hear what you think about Winning Virgin Blood. Just know we’re going to miss you while you’re on vacation. Mondays won’t be the same without you to kick us off!

Bekki, Thank you so much for the compliment! You know how to make a gal grin! AND--I can't wait for Last Glass of Wine! And woman—don’t you know I just love your new title-- Jewel of the Sun's BLOOD DESTINY! :)

Lindseye, You are the lucky winner of Bewitching Bite! Your name was chosen in the drawing so email me at and let me know where to send the PDF file! WOOT! Thanks so much for posting and congrats to you!

Danielle, Congrats lady! You just won a copy of Winning Virgin Blood! Thanks for posting and finding the blog! Be sure to drop me an email so I’ll know where you want to receive your free PDF! I hope you enjoy Winning Virgin Blood! I laughed and laughed when I read your suggestion— "be bad" because let me tell ya--I'm trying! I'm trying! :))

Hey Linda, I hope you're around for the chat today--there are loads of giveaways and lots of fabulous authors! Keep stopping by over here because I have a lot to give away in the month of July too! :)

Hey Mary Ann, It's so good to see you here. I hope you'll come back and post a link to some of your poetry because I'm going right now to look you up on I'd love to find out more! Post a link or two when you can.

Ashley, Thanks for being here! If you love paranormal, be sure to stop in again soon because a lot of paranormal goodies are headed your way in the coming weeks. I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store!

Hey Cathy, Thank you for the review kudos. I'm still dancing over the reviews and I can't wait for book two! Almonzo is one hot alpha-male! Shew! :)) Winning Virgin Love is coming in August—And Almonzo is mighty fine!

Hey wild woman! (Kim) Lol. I want a Chef-Baby-R-Deee too! Only I want to find a Chef-Baby-R-Deee who looks like Orlando Spenser. *Sigh* Can you visualize him in an apron and hat? Okay, so the apron isn’t really necessary. I know, I have to behave badly. Remember the quote "“Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History,”(Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote) and think of me whenever you see it—I want to behave ‘badly’ from here on out! LOL!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to those of you who entered the contest. Congrats to all e-book winners! Don’t forget to send me an email as soon as you can and I'll send out your free PDF file!

Until we meet again, keep it sexy and read it blue-hot!

Many hugs!
Destiny :))

Michelle said...

Really, like the cover of Bewitching Bite....what a hunk...a hunk...a hunk of manliness displayed on it!!!

Jane said...

Hi Destiny,
I like the book blurbs on your Manic Readers page.

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