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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To Bite or Not to Bite--That is the Question!

I’m concerned. I’m hearing vampires are on the way out and I’m ‘seeing’ it too because I’ve been on a GOOGLE blog search this morning and according to some, vamps were on the up and out several months ago.

I missed that memo.

Shapeshifters, (which are not on my list of personal favorites), are preferred in paranormal. Since I write a lot of paranormal, mostly vampire-related novellas and novels, I wanted to post and get your opinion.

I have an upcoming shapeshifter—Turnkey Lovers (Coming soon to Whispers)—I find a lot more appeal in a blood thirsty vamp. True, I like the modernized vampire. Yes, toss a paranormal/urban fantasy novel my way and I’ll disappear for a bit so long as the hero is an ultra-sexy vamp with a hard body and great dialogue to inspire his heroine.

If you look at my title list, you might just disagree with me today and I really, really hope you do. The Winning Virgin series just kicked off Winning Virgin Love which immediately hit the 14-Day Best Seller and the 60-Day Best Seller list at Siren. Yay! Go Siren! Go Winning Virgin Love! Go You and Go Me!

Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Still, after surfing the internet this morning and reading what others have to say—vampires may soon be on ice. Literally.

I’d love to tell you my vamps are different and to an extent, they really are, but all writers probably tell you the same thing. It’s the nature of the business. We’re all supposed to convince one another and ourselves that we write the profoundly different regardless of what we write. Some of us even believe that nonsense even though there are millions and millions of books that have been published over the course of several hundred years.

Winning Virgin Love has a very different story because of a ‘non-traditional mating ceremony’ and the thick romantic suspense plot. Winning Virgin Lust promises more of the same and it’s coming soon. See what I mean? I’m convinced. No one ever wrote anything comparable before. Did I convince you? I hope so. Buy the book and see!

As for the Blending Bloodline titles coming soon to Resplendence Publishing, the first two short stories Bewitching Bite and Bewitching Purpose (coming next week), have a phenomenal novel to follow that borders on the very dark side of paranormal. The plot is one that has never been done so that’s a good thing. The two short stories? Hmmm…Bewitching Bite caught fantastic reviews but some of the reviewers recently wanted ‘more’ and they’ll certainly get it in the third and final book.

Bewitching Purpose is on the way first and Matilda and Armand draw out the worst in one another for a purpose greater than either can comprehend. That purpose will be explored in an in-depth novel to follow. Let me simply state that the ‘novel’ in question has been researched too death for the purpose of getting the facts behind the fiction (For those of you who don’t know, the Blending Bloodline titles touch on the life of Erzsebet Bathory, The Blood Countess and another notorious vampire).

So, my questions to you today are numerous. Answer one or answer all. What do you like to read in paranormal today? What do you like to find in your vampire-induced paranormals? And what genre do you read most now? My romantic suspense, Unspoken Truths is taking a run up the charts so I assume a lot of people are reading romantic suspense but what are YOU reading now?

Until next time, keep it sexy and read it blue-hot!


Kristy Bock said...

Vampires have a cult like following. To me saying they are going out is just going from cult worship status.. to mainstream status.

Katie Bug said...

I have heard this rumor for a while and still don't see it. maybe some believe it is just a fad and will fade. As for me, vampires are my favorite. They have alsways been and always will. I stick with what I like.

As for the shapeshifters being more popular, I have no idea. I have just started reading those types so I can really say. So far I have enjoyed them and will keep reading them.

To me, nothing is sexier or exciting as a drop dead gorgeous vampire with those pearly whites. Add an accent and I am happy happy.

So in other words, please don't stop writing about vampires!

Destiny Blaine said...

Hey Kristy and Katie!!!

Thanks for stopping by! You two just rocked my morning off to a great start!

Big hugs!
Destiny :))

Anonymous said...

Just little old me.
I must of missed the message too where it said Vampires are going out of style.
Of course I am not one to follow the rules. I'll always read them.
Right now I am reading the WVL and in print I am reading The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter.


Savanna Kougar said...

From what I've observed, there may certain types of vamp stories that won't be as popular, however, there is such a love of vamps by a lot of readers that as long as the story appeals, who can resist? Tall, dark and handsome. And fanged. Much too sexy to ever be left out of the paranormal romance genre. IMHO.
I'm not sure shapeshifters are more popular...I just think the genre is expanding in story and scope. Plus, there's a lot more to work with...the Big Cats, the Wolfies, Dragons, on and on. And I admit I love writing those kinds of stories.
Although, I do have several Vamp wip's also.

Destiny, just wanted to say congrats on all your success.
I say keep writing what you enjoy mose, and what sells for you. It's like football, run the play until it doesn't win the game for you anymore.

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