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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slogans: Do Taglines Sell Books?

Most of us have purchased books based on an excerpt or blurb. Some of us buy if a book title or cover just stands out, but how often do readers buy based on a catchy book tagline?

The premise behind a tagline is to sum up the book an author is trying to sell by using a short phrase or slogan, something catchy the reading audience will remember. For example, in my Branded trilogy, the following taglines were used for books one and two:

Branded by Sunset

“He wanted to brand her for a lifetime and proudly gave her his name, but his name was tainted by her family’s blood…”

Branded by Anger

“Sometimes secrets surface and when they do, they bring out all sorts of ugly characters….”

Often clever taglines are remembered for years. Excellent slogans earn their place in popular culture.

If an author has a catchy slogan, something memorable to define the book, it’s easier to remember the novel or short story. If it’s sensational, chances are the author will make a sale.

Personally, I love taglines. How about you? Do loglines sell you on a book?

Give us your opinion today. What do you think about taglines? What are some of your favorite and most memorable book slogans? Authors, publishers, and agents: If you’re around today, post something we'll remember about one of your books.

Destiny Blaine

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Talei said...

I love taglines, I think they help catch your attention when you're going through the bookstores or browsing online. ;)

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