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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome to Country Roads

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Lucy Malone is going home to Tennessee. A world away from the stock car racing limelight, the Church Hill farm Lucy reclaims is full of bittersweet memories. As the distant and recent past collide, Lucy rediscovers a love she never lost and professional ties she’s unable to leave behind.

Rex and Luke McDavid have been awaiting Lucy’s return. When she finds her way home, they’re ready to pick up where they left off and claim the woman they’ve always adored.

Unfortunately, before the McDavids can move forward, a villain from Lucy’s professional past resurfaces. Can the McDavid brothers keep Lucy safe and protect her from those hell-bent on destroying her? And what extreme measures will these good ole boys take in order to protect the woman they love?

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As a child, Princess imagined a fairy tale ending. As an adult, she envisions a satisfying conclusion to a storybook romance years in the making.

Abandoned as a little girl, Princess Sterling met Brant Levy and Colt Manning in the mountains of Kentucky. Thanks to Colt and Brant, Princess is adopted. She becomes the pampered child of racing royalty and enjoys a life of luxury.

As Princess matures, she realizes something is missing. With a successful racing career of her own, Princess longs for love and dreams of one day reuniting with the cowboys who saved her from homelessness.

Years later, Brant and Colt drive to Bristol with every intention of locating Princess while she’s in town for a race. As soon as they see her, they know they’re in trouble. They aren’t just hooking up with an old friend. They’re about to seduce the woman they plan to love.

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Julie Jenkins should’ve died. After crawling away from one of the worst crashes in drag racing history, Julie faces rehabilitation manipulated by two stubborn cowboys. Somewhere along the way, she discovers her torrid past and accepts her racing failures as stepping-stones to a future filled with love.

Duke and Hank Hinman are troubled by Julie’s accident. They build an automobile with Julie’s protection in mind, hoping she’ll prefer stock cars to dragsters. When tampered brakes nearly put her in the wall, Julie reevaluates career choices. Someone wants to kill her, but the reason behind their quest isn’t clear.

Suspecting foul play will continue, Duke and Hank vow to protect Julie. However, they quickly discover it’s hard to win a race when the opponent refuses to show his face. And it’s harder still to defeat the challenger when the opposition refuses to lose.

Can't decide which book to purchase first? The Country Roads series can be read in any order. If you haven't read this series, author recommends starting with BANG THE BLOWER, a romantic story about hope, courage, and everlasting love.

The Country Roads series is available at Bookstrand, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Mobipocket.

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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