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Saturday, December 10, 2011

For the Holidays--Five Rings by Destiny Blaine

Five Rings won an Epic Ariana 2011 Award for Best eBook Cover Art in the Fantasy/Paranormal Erotic Romance category. This beautiful cover was created by cover artist, Martine Jardin

Members of Jason Lory's original pride coalition warned of the shifter-mates remaining. Some were thought to be man-eaters. Others, the nomads, were considered very volatile and unable to shift successfully without the stimulation of five rings, only no one knew with absolute certainty what these rings were or where to find them. Jason Lory figured out the mystery.

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The following quotes are from Five Rings by Destiny Blaine. They are character quotes from a novella about a beautiful young woman with a very twisted mind.

“When the average man shops for a ring, he isn’t thinking of the gold band in the metaphorical sense.
He sees the symbolical meaning and finally understands.
While there are some things money can’t buy, love is not one of them…”
--Jason Lory

“Every nymphomaniac hopes good sex will find her
And then transform her into the goddess she already believes lives within…”
--Simon Warner

“A soldier leaves for war and hopes the hard battle ahead will not take his life.
A woman with multiple personalities leaves for an institution and hopes a life of confinement will not break her spirit…"
-- Jordan St. Johns

“She was like the current dragging back and forth under the wide open sea…”
--Michael Mahoney.

“She was a victim placed at circumstance’s door.
A woman who held her head high as she searched for pride.
She was there for a reason, for a purpose larger than anyone understood.
So they acted as men and did what anyone else would in their position.
They made her crazy… and they made the diagnosis stick.
Then, they brought her forward and loved her…”
--Fran Conway

Five Rings by Destiny Blaine is a holiday EROTICA story. Please note, while there are romantic elements, this is not a Christmas story for readers of sweet romance. Five Rings is a provocative tale with an underlying twist and for those readers who are fond of paranormal short stories with mysterious elements. Available now at eXtasy Books and a perfect choice for a holiday paranormal short story.

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal

Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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