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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Imperfect, Not-So-Skinny Heroines in the Bedroom by Jolene Beauchamp

I'm thrilled to introduce my next guest. Jolene Beauchamp, a fellow eXtasy Books author, stopped by to talk about imperfect heroines in the bedroom. After you read her article, take a look at the excerpt she shared with us. She'll hook you at hello and never let you go! Welcome, Jolene!

Imperfect, Not-So-Skinny Heroines in the Bedroom

Perfection is boring. Besides, nobody’s perfect, right? Yet ads that feature stick-thin models aim to make us think being slim and trim, having the perfect body, is something to strive for.

Really? Look around. When you go to the mall, is that what you see? Women come in all shapes and sizes. Short and tall, thin and not-so-thin, blonde and brunette… You get the picture. The trick is to feel good about yourself—to forget what society/advertising firms are trying to tell say you should look like. Curves are sexy. If you have them, flaunt them.

How does body image factor into the bedroom? If you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to relax and enjoy what your partner is offering. So what makes you feel sexy? A barely-there nightgown? Then go ahead, splurge on that lingerie. And then wear it knowing you are sexy and desirable. If you feel confident about your body, your partner will pick up on that. Focus on your best attributes, and forget about the rest.

In my latest release, BIRTHDAY THREESOME, the heroine, Tracy, worries that her boyfriend, who is used to dealing with beautiful women, will find her body lacking because she is a size fourteen. Size fourteen! That’s a great size, isn’t it? So are sizes sixteen…and eighteen…

I loved writing about a person who thinks she is less than perfect. It’s okay to be humble. Tracy doesn’t think she’s perfect by the end of the story, but she does come to understand and embrace that fact that her curves and personality are what makes her who she is.

Here’s hoping that you will love yourself for who you are and what you look like. You are sexy, you are beautiful. I’d love to hear any tips you have for feeling good about yourself!

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Birthday Threesome, Excerpt

Eric grinned and Tracy cupped his face in both of her palms. “You’re gonna have a good time, baby.” She kissed him and turned to peek out the peep hole. A cute blonde stood outside. “Damn, she’s hot.”

Bumping Eric to the side with her hip before he could peek, she turned the knob and opened the door.

Her heart slammed hard. Could she do this? Barbie, if that was her real name, stood a little over five feet tall, about Tracy’s height, and her wavy blonde hair hung past her shoulders. Tracy smiled when she glanced lower. Barbie wore the same denim skirt Tracy wore. Ha, like they were twins. Tracy’s hips and boobs measured a few inches bigger than Barbie’s. Guess we won’t be trading clothes anytime soon.

Eric’s hot breath—or maybe panting—hit Tracy’s neck. Shit. The poor woman had to feel like a piece of meat. They both stared at the other woman. “Uh, sorry, come on in.” Tracy glanced up and down the hotel corridor, glad to find it empty.

“Thanks,” Barbie said, smiling and brushing past them into the room.
Tracy caught a whiff of peach, before shutting the door and leaning on it for support. The heated area between her legs begged for more attention, and her brain overrode the physical need in favor of checking out this girl. Eric and Tracy stood side by side, staring at Barbie and probably looked like obvious newbies to her.

Tracy didn’t know what she’d expected exactly, but whatever it was, Barbie wasn’t it. She wore very little makeup, maybe just a touch of mascara, and low-heeled sandals with a flowing pastel blouse. The denim skirt showed off her tanned, smooth legs. She could have been a tourist, or any other hotel guest, and wouldn’t have stood out in a crowd.

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Jolene Beauchamp is a best-selling author of erotic romance and erotica. When she’s not writing or reading, she can often be found hiking with her husband, mountain climbing, and generally spending time outdoors in the sunshine. She hopes her stories take readers on a heartfelt journey to a fantasy land where sexy, strong men and resilient, empowered women experience desire, excitement, and pleasure.

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Jolene Beauchamp, Author said...

Thanks so much for having me on your gorgeous blog today, Destiny! I appreciate it. :)

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