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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brand New Paranormal MM Series--Living Cold is Scorching Hot!

Living Cold 1

Hell comes to the damned when two opposites are forced to come to terms with their fates and embrace the love they're destined to share.

Hell to the Damned (MM)

Colburn Cay hopes his desire for an infamous prude will soon fizzle out, but as the flames ignite, Colburn realizes what he and Felix share is much more than lust. Their inevitable attraction will carry them far beyond the pleasures of the night.

House of the Doomed and Damned (MM)
Living Cold 2

Quarantine Valentine is looking for love and the notorious vampire takes extraordinary measures as he hunts for the mate he can call his own!

House of the Doomed and Damned (MM)

Marvin Tesler is turned by fate and saved by love in a claiming Savannah's vampires won't soon forget! 

Hell to the Damned Snippet
Adult excerpts can be found at the linked titles above

A ripple of awareness shook through Felix as Colburn claimed his lips with a surprising amount of force and longing. The intensity of their kiss nearly swept Felix off his feet. The hunger growing within was too hardcore to ignore, too powerful to deny. He couldn’t have stopped where they were headed if he’d faced an executioner or a wall full of dancing flames.
Colburn set his tongue in motion, swirling around Felix’s at a leisurely pace. The incredible depths of their kisses made Felix shiver. The passion brewing between them was quite indescribable as Colburn swept inside his mouth and explored him with his tongue.
Grabbing hold of Felix’s ponytail, Colburn yanked his head back and assaulted his mouth with still another fiery kiss, one that left Felix shattered, horny, and totally vulnerable. He was more apt to agree to anything Colburn might suggest then as he cupped his neck and drew him close, allowing ample freedom for several bumps and grinds. Unwinding together, they undulated in one another’s arms.
“Take off your tux,” Colburn demanded, stepping away from him.
Blinking in surprise, Felix stared at the beast of a man before him. No wonder the townspeople were so impressed by Colburn Cay. He looked like a poster boy for hot sex, a promise and a curse.
Colburn went to the bar and made himself a drink. He tossed back a scotch then consumed two more before he turned around again.
“I told you to undress.”
“Do you always get what you want?” Felix challenged him.
Colburn’s full lips twitched. “Generally speaking? Yes.”
“And what is it that you want exactly?”
“Right now?” Colburn’s heavy eyelids cast a shadow over a lust-filled gaze weighted down with too much desire. “You have to ask?”
“I don’t want to want you,” Felix admitted. “I don’t even want you to desire me.”
“I find you extremely boring, so we’re even.”
“You don’t even know me.”
“You lack personality.”
“And you’re the life of the party.”
“You say that like it’s an annoyance. And I told you to strip.” Colburn shrugged away from his jacket and kicked off his shoes. “I’ll make this easier for you.”
“By undressing me with your eyes?”

Colburn unfastened his suspenders and unhooked his trousers. “Deny that you want me.”

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