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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rise to Power, Search for Pride Now Available at eXtasy Books

Rise to Power, Search for Pride 

Published by eXtasy Books

"There's nothing sexier than a successful man except maybe the passionate beast living inside him"

"Every man, every beast, has a price"

"When Money and Power Aren't Enough"

"The older the money, the more valued the man and his lion's share"

"The right people can push a man to his limits" 

The following excerpt is from Money, Book Two in Rise to Power, Search for Pride

“I’ll take him. Name your price.”

Barlo Matheson’s wicked gaze roamed over Ariela like a SUV roving over rough terrain. He jerked at strategic points, swerved one way or another, then remained committed to his cause—the business at hand, which apparently had more to do with staring at her boobs than talking about the caged lion Ariela wanted to buy.

“He’s not for sale, Ariela. Jagger and I already spoke on the phone about this. You really shouldn’t have stopped by unannounced.”

“I was here for the show,” Ariela said, as if that explained away her reasons for bribing and then pushing past the guards responsible for keeping Matheson’s lions under lock and key.

Ariela reached inside the cage housing the gorgeous white lion. She ran her fingers through his thick, soft coat, admiring the silken fur. Digging her nails into his flesh, she firmly raked the animal’s hide, anticipating a flinch, some sort of response to her touch.

“Ariela, you should be more cautious,” Barlo scolded her. “I can’t be responsible for damages if the lion turns on you.”

“He won’t.” Barlo wasn’t fooling anyone. Sanchez possessed a gentle nature. His trainers and handlers commended him for being so tame.

“You can never be too certain with wild animals.”

“I’m sure,” she said, watching the gorgeous white creature as she petted him with a firmer hand.

The lion’s clear blue eyes met hers. His muscles tightened. His tail swished rapidly.

“I know what you are,” she whispered, stroking between his ears.

“I want you to go back to Pride’s Casino and tell Jagger I don’t appreciate his tactics. Sending you over here to do his bidding doesn’t fare well. It’s bad business.” Barlo stepped closer, and closed the distance between them. He lifted a lock of hair from her shoulder and added, “Then again, perhaps Jagger is willing to play dirty when he wants something.”

Ariela never moved. The lion, however, released a rumbling roar.

Barlo leapt backward. He glared at the beast and bit out, “You’re upsetting the animal.”

“The animal has a name, Barlo. Use it. If anything is upsetting, it’s how this beautiful creature is treated.”

“He’s cared for like a pet should be, but we don’t give our acts room to move. Over at your place, the lions dominate. Last I heard, Jagger had expanded their den to well over twenty thousand square feet, and that, my dear, is ridiculous! You shouldn’t allot that much space for these creatures unless you’re using the square footage for a performing arena.”

“Jagger believes in treating all animals with respect. We want Sanchez for our personal…” she paused as she thought of a way to best convey her need. “We’d like to add him to our pride.” 

There was no other way to say it.

“Your personal pride?” Barlo went into hysterics. “Your pride?” He howled with another round of laughter. “Next you’ll try to convince me you’re a lioness, with a particular need for this one because of the demands placed on Jagger during your mating season.”

Ariela focused on the lion again, too aware of her desire to see him in human form. If she didn’t figure out a way to save Sanchez from captivity, she wouldn’t be able to still the beast inside her. She wanted Sanchez. She needed him.

“Ariela, I want you to go.” Barlo apparently realized then she wasn’t laughing with him. Her calmness seemingly made him uncomfortable. “And be sure to tell Jagger we’ve spoken and I relayed once again—Sanchez is not for sale.” Barlo’s pupils were enlarged, practically gleaming with his delivery of the news. “I won’t change my mind on the matter.”

Ariela stroked Sanchez’s mane once more. It pained her to leave one of her own behind. Sanchez didn’t belong there. He wasn’t Barlo’s animal. He belonged to her family, to the growing pride she was forming with Jagger and Leon.

“I’ll go,” she said hesitantly. “But I’ll be back, Barlo. And when you see me coming, you’ll know why I’m here, and you’ll negotiate.”

“Don’t count on it,” he said, stuffing a cigar in the corner of his mouth. “I’ll go for broke before I’ll let you people have Sanchez. Since you and Jagger came to Vegas, the scope of the casino business has changed. You people think you can flash a little cash and everyone will bow down.”

Cow down was more like it, but she didn’t make the correction. Nor did she mention how easy it had been to make sure those like Barlo succumbed to their tactics. In recent weeks Ariela had been on a buying spree, purchasing everything from hotels and casinos to roadside diners out in the desert. Jagger was credited with the business transactions, which was fine, but she’d been the one signing on the dotted line.

When other women became depressed, they shopped boutiques for expensive shoes or purses. When Ariela was unsettled, she bought buildings and failing businesses, and she generally scooped them up at a bargain.

“This time, you and Jagger have underestimated your target. I’ll never let you have the lion that’s responsible for driving spectators here by the droves. This is one desired acquisition you won’t acquire.”

“We’ll see about that, Barlo,” Ariela said, staring longingly at Sanchez before finally averting her gaze from the cage. “Every man, every beast, has a price. Soon I’ll figure out what yours is, and then I’ll pay in full—with cash and a smile.”
 Rise to Power, Search for Pride
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