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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Release Blitz for The Miss Fortune Series: Bayou Babes (Kindle Worlds Short Story) by Riley Blake

Riley Blake

Out Now—Bayou Babes—Kindle Worlds Cozy Mystery by Riley Blake (@rileyblakebooks) #mystery #kindleworlds #shortstory #onehourreads

Author Bio

Riley Blake writes mysteries and suspense. She enjoys cooking, reading, going to garage sales, and redecorating her home with thrifty items. An animal lover, Riley has a potbelly pig she fondly refers to as Chubs, a few dogs, a couple of horses, and a chicken named Lord Wings. 

Short Story Blurb 

Known for stirring up trouble and making moonshine, Gertie and Ida Belle are anything but boring old maids. Their Southern charms and reputations have earned these icy-blue haired ladies considerable notice. After a bestselling book series rocks the entertainment world, Hollywood comes to call in search of the women who inspired such a great work of literary fiction. 

Ida Belle and Gertie set out on a journey to find the traitor who is selling their stories and making a mint. Celia Arceneaux, a likely suspect, is a frontrunner but the culprit is a little closer to home. And CIA Agent-in-Hiding Fortune Redding will have no other choice but to trust Gertie and Ida Belle as they race against time to protect Fortune’s cover and keep her out of the limelight and a gunman’s sights. 


“I’m not condoning what’s happened but we’ll be better prepared if we read the books first. Don’t you think?”
“I’ll go along with that,” Gertie said.
“Well?” Ida Belle studied the sheriff. “What’s the series title? I tried to find Sinful’s Bayou Babes, Babes in the Bayou, and everything in between.”
The sheriff frowned. “Try to keep in mind, I didn’t write this book.”
“But you knew about it,” I pointed out, refusing to let him off the hook.
“Must be a humdinger of a title,” Gertie said, rising to her feet.
Lonely Ladies League,” the sheriff said, grimacing.
“What?” Gertie grabbed the straw bag hanging on the back of her chair. She changed her stance and flung the darn thing over her shoulder so hard, I was surprised she didn’t pull her back out.
The sheriff ducked. Ida Belle moved out of her way. And if I hadn’t grabbed Gertie’s arm as it came down with great force, she would’ve injured the traitorous Sheriff Lee.
“How could you let her do this?”
“Who?” He looked perplexed.
“Celia!” We all chimed in together.
The sheriff looked sheepish then. “It wasn’t Celia.”
“Of course it was Celia,” Ida Belle said.
He shook his head. “No. I’ve read the entire series. Celia didn’t write the books. There are intimate details she wouldn’t know.”
“Like what?” The CIA agent rolled to the fore. “We need specifics.” I kind of liked the agent within so I let her have the floor. “If Celia didn’t write this series, who did?”
“It’s hard to say.” Sheriff Lee unwrapped his sandwich and took a hearty bite. “The article in the town paper was written for deception. There wasn’t a ghostwriter behind the series. The writer used a pseudonym.”
“How many books are there?”
“Ten and counting,” the sheriff replied, limping to the cooler and helping himself to a canned beverage.
“Celia couldn’t have written the books,” Ida Belle muttered. “She’s far too busy meddling in other people’s business.”
“True,” Gertie agreed. “One book, maybe. Ten, never.”
“The writer must’ve been someone in the GW’s group. No one else would disrespect the Sinful Ladies Society with such an awful title.”
Ida Belle had a point. My mind churned with possibilities. I hadn’t read the books but only God’s Wives would have motive.
“You know who wrote those books, Robert,” Gertie said.
“Suspicions maybe but since I’m the sheriff in town, I have to keep a stiff upper lip.” He popped open the cola and lowered his lips to take a drink. “You understand.”
Gertie snatched the can and the sandwich from the sheriff’s hands. “Indeed we do, but understand if we can’t treat you as an ally now.”
The sheriff reached for the sandwich. Ida Belle stepped in front of him with her arms folded over her chest. “This isn’t France. In our world, you choose a side or you stand alone.”  


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