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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Release Blitz for Hiding in the Bayou by Riley Blake

The Miss Fortune Series: Hiding in the Bayou (Kindle Worlds Novella)

CIA assassin Fortune Redding is frustrated after she witnesses a murder, but frustration soon leads to determination when Deputy Carter LeBlanc is arrested thanks to an unwarranted accusation. Convinced Carter didn’t commit the crime, Fortune turns to Ida Belle for help. 

In the meantime, Gertie tries a dangerous stunt and lands in the hospital. While there, she takes time to piece together a murder clearly executed by amateurs but the motive isn’t what it seems. 

Snippet from Hiding in the Bayou 

“Hard to believe she accused Carter,” Gertie said, shaking her head.
“Carter didn’t kill Rich,” Ida Belle said. “What do you think, Fortune?”
“Of course Carter didn’t do it. There were at least thirty people there to witness the shooting.”
“And nobody saw anything.” Ida Belle grunted. “Typical.”
“You got it,” Gertie said. “Carter was also at pointblank range. Once forensic experts take a look at ballistics and have all the information about the case, Carter will be cleared.”
“Sinful has experts? I’m impressed.” Gertie and Ida Belle swapped glances. Then, they thinned their lips, a tactic that implied they didn’t have anything else to add. “Let me guess. You’re the experts?”
“The Sinful Ladies Society will always keep the professionals honest,” Ida Belle said, sipping her coffee.
“But of course they will.” One day I would leave Sinful behind and return to the dangerous days of a CIA assassin’s life and I would fondly recall these conversations.  
From petty theft to murder mysteries, Gertie and Ida Belle loved solving crimes, but I wasn’t entirely confident about their level of expertise. Sure they possessed covert military training in clandestine operations which suggested they were intelligent and knowledgeable, but they were also older than the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
Ida Belle rose to her feet, appearing stronger by the second. She went to her pantry and retrieved a few bottles of ‘cough’ syrup. She kept one for herself and placed the other two on the table. “Help yourselves.”
“Look at you,” I said, opting to stick with coffee. “Moonshine and a murder to solve and what do you do? Shelve your illness for a more convenient time.”
“I’ll rest when I’m dead. This town needs leadership right now,” Ida Belle said, swinging her gaze at Gertie. “You’re positive Carter was arrested?”
Gertie nodded so rapidly her glasses slid down the bridge of her nose. Pushing them up again, she said, “You know how this town works. If there isn’t a suspect, they arrest the one who was standing closest to the victim. If Carter hadn’t been there, the town would’ve lynched poor little Peanut for sure.”
I wasn’t ready to preface Peanut’s name with ‘poor little’ just yet. She’d been the one to drag her domestic disagreement straight into the streets of Sinful. Plus, my mind had already been churning with ideas. I didn’t know designer labels or high priced fashions but since moving to Sinful, I’d spent some time with Walter at the General Store.
Walter had recently started stocking a few pricey items—Gator Hoppers which were cutoff boots, Bayou Britches which were cutoff shorts, and Fishnets which were… well, I wasn’t entirely sure what they were supposed to be but Peanut had worn hers as a double-layered shirt. Trashy attire didn’t come cheap. 

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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