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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spotlight on 2015 Releases: Devil's Deception


While traveling, Liza Cartwright lands in Devil’s Valley and she’s not sure why. Greeted by a witch while trying to rent a room, Eliza is greatly disturbed by what she learns. According to a legend, those who arrive in Devil’s Valley, never leave. Unwilling to accept some crazy myth, Liza goes to Gideon’s Hall looking for the vampire who can change her fate.
Convinced Liza is the mate they’ve awaited, Jake and Nicholas Devil dupe her so she can’t leave Gideon’s Hall until Gideon can meet her. When Gideon sees Liza a few hours later, he’s mesmerized. He soon realizes his attraction is mate lust but since Nicholas is the youngest “Devil” son and they can’t share a mate, he seeks answers by turning to a dangerous witch.
Soon, Liza is inexplicably drawn to Gideon and Jake Devil, but she’s horrified to learn all the ways they’re connected. Inevitably doomed to a fated love thanks to a curse she can’t escape, Liza gives up her traveling dreams for two sexy vampires and a family full of blood drinkers. And she makes it her mission to find out about the witches and their curses so she can do whatever necessary to break them.

Book Excerpt

“Well, well, well,” Matilda drawled, taking a seat at Luke’s and Nicholas’s table. “I didn’t expect to see you two out and about tonight.”
“Matilda,” Nicholas grated out, not making eye contact.
“What’s a young girl like you doing in a place like this?” Luke asked, staring at her like he wanted to bed her.
“I could ask you the same thing, Luke.”
“Clearly, I’m not a little girl.”
“Do you see me toting along my dolls and toys?”
“I do not,” Luke said, nursing his whiskey. “But if you were, those toys would be for adult play." 
“So the insults are already over?” She clucked. “Damn. You’re no fun at all.” But he sure was easy on the eyes.
“We know what kind of fun you like, Matilda,” Nicholas ground out, apparently still bitter. They’d met on a few occasions and each time they’d met, Matilda had thrown around a spell or two.
“Why don’t you tell me, cowboy,” she drawled, flirting with the vampire who’d dared to embarrass her in public. The first time they’d met, he’d told a saloon full of patrons who he thought she was. She reached for him, eager to see how he responded to her now.
Nicholas jerked his arm away. “Don’t touch me.”
Matilda held up her hands. “Excuse me for trying to make up.”
“You can’t excuse what you did to me.”
“He has a point,” Luke said, apparently wise to what had happened.
“What if I make it up to you,” she offered, dragging three fingers up and down her cleavage.
Nicholas looked away. “You couldn’t if you tried.”
“Oh but I could,” she promised, aware of his true reason for being so bitter. Nicholas was a real looker and the whores had thoroughly enjoyed him, but not even half as much as he’d once enjoyed them. That is, until Matilda made sure he’d never find satisfaction with anyone else again.
Nicholas rose to his feet. “I’m leaving. Somebody needs to keep an eye on the cattle.”
“Gideon out tonight?” she asked, grinning as she considered the rumors flying around Devil’s Valley. Apparently the female newcomer had already raked her fingernails down the head Devil’s back or soon would, which was probably the straight of it since Petra had said the woman was a real lady.
“No,” Nicholas bit out, turning his attention to Luke. “You staying or going?”
Luke moistened his lips and stared at Matilda’s. “I’m staying.”
“Suit yourself.” He stomped away without saying goodbye.
Matilda stroked her bottom lip with her middle finger, ogling Luke with nothing more than illicit intentions. “So, tell me, Luke Devil. What are we going to do with our time?”
Before she could turn on the charm, Luke snatched her around the waist and dashed up the pair of stairs leading to the hotel’s rooms. Pausing in the hallway, he pinned her against the wall. “Which room is yours?”
“You tell me.”
“You’re staying here for the night or you wouldn’t be here,” Luke said.
“I am indeed,” she said. She’d rented a room for one purpose, too. She’d hoped the Devils would show up and she could pump one or two of them for information, not literally of course, but since Luke was there and apparently willing, she wasn’t opposed to the idea.
“I’m famished, Matilda,” Luke said in a tight voice. “And unless you want to become my next meal, I suggest you tell me which room you rented.”
Taking a moment to decide whether or not she’d play along, she finally nodded at the room across the hall. “Over there.”
In a matter of seconds, they were behind closed doors. His hand landed against the wall next to her head and she would’ve bet a sack of gold that his next move would’ve been a delivered passionate kiss. Instead, he leered at her as if he couldn’t stand the sight of her. Then, his nostrils flared, his eyes widened, and he undoubtedly knew in that instant what she had always known.
He belonged to her.
She belonged to him.

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