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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The spotlight was on—too bad this scene didn’t last ten minutes!

Okay, GH fans. We had our Johnny and Lulu moment. What did you think? In case you didn’t see it, I’ll go ahead and post it over on my MySpace site. After all, we’ve waited forever for this to happen. Might as well enjoy it. You know it’s going to be at least another fifty episodes before they have another tender moment.

Yes, the keyword here is m-o-m-e-n-t.

I kicked off this blog with every intention of talking about sports first. It is true. I wanted to gripe about traveling sports teams and how most parents should work five jobs just to keep up the lifestyle their kids want to have. BUT…I’ll save that post for another day. They’ll be plenty of time for it. Like the next time I send off my child’s volleyball club dues.

Today, is another day dedicated to General Hospital. More specifically, Johnny and Lulu. The General Hospital dynamic duo.

Yes, Johnny and Lulu hit the floor. I mean, they finally did the naughty deed. I would say they ‘made love’ but the truth is…we really don’t know yet. You know how soap operas are. Maybe tomorrow’s episode will give us a flashback and we’ll discover that it was all a dream. It sure felt like one since the whole act took maybe three point five seconds.

Take a look at the YouTube video and you’ll see what I mean. Yes, I exaggerated about the 3.5 seconds but it was somewhat disappointing after the build up. Kind of reminds me of the time…Okay, I won’t go there. My husband isn’t ready to become the butt of my jokes. Besides, he knows how to comment here and I could really set myself up for some brutal come-backs.

Keep in mind the You Tube video (posted on my MySpace) is a series of clips for Johnny and Lulu. In between, we had several unimportant scenes today. They were insignificant because it was Johnny and Lulu’s big day for crying out loud! This can cause a certain level of frustration for the average viewer and if you think we have it bad, imagine how Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Julie Berman (Lulu) feel.

Now for those of you who are ready to defend GH, keep this in mind. I’m practically a lifelong fan. I love the show but I’d love it more if the writers would remember the good old days. If we were talking about Sonny and Carly here, the whole love scene would have taken up half the show. Instead, we get the royal wham-bam treatment with Johnny and Lulu. I think the writers can do better. What do you think?

I’d love to hear your opinion!



Dahlia Rose said...

The old Sonny and Carly love scenes. Hmmmmmmm. I remember them well... What's the matter GH they are skimping on the love scenes!! Oh even the time when LuLu had sex with Dilion in the boat shed was lonfer thant that!! But we still can't stop watching huh Destiny? Let's see what next week brings :)
Hugs and Cheesecake!

Destiny Blaine said...

Hey woman!

Thanks for dropping by my new blog and for commenting on GH! Come back soon and let me know when you're in my neck of the woods for a signing!

Destiny :))

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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