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Monday, November 16, 2015

Spotlight on 2015 Releases: Turn Card

Turn Card-A Kathleen Turner novel at Kindle Worlds

~Not everyone plays by the rules~ 

Kade Dennon tried to stay away from his brother’s girlfriend and remain loyal to the only family he’s ever known but Kathleen Turner is his forbidden fruit. Eventually temptation drags Kade back to Indianapolis and the one woman who feels like home. 

~The players changed but the game remains the same~ 

Kathleen Turner knows what she wants and who she desires. She seizes a new job and an opportunity unfolds. Soon, she’s working with her boyfriend’s brother and nothing will ever be the same again when Kade stakes a claim and aims for Kathleen’s heart. 

~It's impossible to break a player who refuses to lose~ 

Blane Kirk needs his brother Kade to keep his girlfriend safe but when Blane sends Kathleen out of Indianapolis to protect her, he has no idea what kind of danger Kade and Kathleen will find while testing a new Las Vegas casino loyalty program. When an old enemy resurfaces with threats and an agenda, Blane goes to Sin City to warn his brother and discovers a few unwanted surprises of his own. 

~A house of cards now destined to fall~ 

Working side by side, Kathleen’s and Kade’s relationship quickly changes, a fact they can’t deny. Seduction and passion lead them to a night that will scorch the sand right off the Mohave Desert and this time, foreplay won’t sustain them. With no one to stop them, Kade and Kathleen tread into the realms of unforgivable betrayal. And when Blane arrives in Vegas, he realizes too late that his brother is now playing for keeps. 

Favorite Lines from Turn Card by Destiny Blaine

1. The older woman looked like she’d taken a plunge off the backside of sixty-five and wasn’t too happy about it

2. “Hello, princess.” This time his smile lit up the room. “I’ve been expecting you.”

3. He took a deep breath, debating on how much he should tell her. “Call it fate.”

“Manipulation is a better word," Kathleen said. 

4. She headed for the door and he should’ve let her walk away. Instead, he was like a launching grenade, slow to peak but explosive once he gathered her in his arms.

5. “I do get to walk away because that’s exactly what I did in Chicago. And if the roles had been reversed? I would’ve expected nothing less from you.”

6. “It’s early,” she replied. “And I heard something.”
“Probably that cat of yours.”
“He’s territorial.”
Kade inched closer. “He’s not the only one.”

7. “I still have time to decide.”

“Maybe, but at least play fair. Think about Kathleen and her happiness. Don’t make her wait for you if you already know that she could end up being the mistress you love but will never allow yourself to have.”

“I don’t like what you’re suggesting.”

“Neither do I,” Kade said. “Because it’s the truth.”

8. “It’s Blane. Did I interrupt something?”

Kade swore under his breath and nudged the Santini gunman with his foot. He had lost count of how many times Blane had “interrupted” something. “Yeah, big brother, as a matter of fact you did.”

9. Not every woman dreams of Prince Charming. He’s just the one who has enough money to buy his way to the top. It doesn’t mean he has enough charisma or appeal to stay there.”

10. “You’re gambling on the wrong girl, Kade.”

“And you’re going all-in on forever, are you?” Kade balked at that. “No worries, Blane. I know the lady belongs to my brother. But for now, she’s on my arm. You need to come to terms with that and let us do what we came here to do.”

11. Kade lowered his head and whispered, “Trust me, princess. If we browse for toys, I won’t be in the market for shiny little cars and wind-up dolls. You and I will shop for a different kind of plaything. And we’ll need a lot of batteries for what I have in mind.”

12. Blane grabbed Kade by the shoulders and threw him against the sofa like he weighed nothing. “You’re fucked now, little brother.”

Kade, smart-ass that he was, fired back, “No, fucked was last night.”

13. Blane was like an ox, driving forward with his head to Kade’s gut until Kade landed on the sofa with Blane topping him for another round of motorized-like punches. “You just couldn’t help yourself!”

“Oh I helped myself all right.”

“You bastard!” Blane hit him again.

Kade let him have a few in the beginning. After all, he deserved them. Now, he had no other choice but to fight back.

“You slept with her!”

“Yep.” He couldn’t, and wouldn’t, deny that.

14. Perturbed by his casual mannerism after they’d made out in front of a lone audience, she bit out, “Sometimes I wonder how you go to sleep at night.”

“Easy…with your name on my lips.”

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Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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