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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spotlight on 2015 Releases: Ravenous

Ravenous-A Vampire Diaries at Kindle Worlds Novella

“So you’re the family pet.” Katherine struck a pose and cocked her head. Layers of dark brown hair tumbled down her back. Her brown eyes twinkled with mischief but Gage wasn’t easily fooled. Behind the impish smile and cocksure attitude lived a woman with a reputation among the worst.

Katherine Pierce, also known as Katerina Petrova, had lived for well over five hundred years. Some would argue that she had wasted the better part of her time on earth marking her place in history by behaving badly.  

“And you must be the legendary Katherine.” Gage resisted the urge to tell her that she’d become quite legendary. After her death, there had been rampant jokes about the former Mikaelson lapdog. One minute she was running from her masters. The next, she was doing tricks to please them.

Elijah, from what Gage had been told, was the one who kept her in line. Klaus, on the other hand, chased her away with threats of death. Apparently that didn’t last long. From what Gage had been told, Katherine had been on the run for more than two-thirds of her life. Klaus, apparently, didn’t dwell on trying to find her.  

“I was surprised to hear from you,” Katherine said, dragging her fingers across the back of his sofa.

“You were probably more surprised to learn that Klaus has another brother.”

“I knew about you.” She brushed her palms against the backs of the cushions. “What I want to know is how I ended up here and why you think I can help you.”

Gage studied her suspiciously then, wondering if Katherine realized she had been dead for several years. She didn’t look disoriented or act as if she had just taken her first steps beyond the grave. “We can help one another.” He hadn’t known she would reappear on the outskirts of Mystic Falls, but he had bumped into her in town nonetheless. Considering how it had happened, he considered their connection a real gift.

“We all want something in life, Katherine. I’m willing to give you what you want if you’ll do the same for me.”

She laughed and it was then when Gage paid closer attention to her empty gaze, certain then that any and all emotions wouldn’t quite reach their more telling spot in her eyes. Perhaps there was a lot to be said about lost souls and those who had already visited their final resting place.

“You haven’t spent a lot of time with the Mikaelsons or else you would know that most people tend to steer clear of Klaus and his siblings when they hear the word help. Those who know them best understand that help means, they need something and can use the one they’ve approached.”  

“I’m not a Mikaelson.”

“You’re Klaus’s brother.”

“We share the same father. The Mikaelson problems were inherited from their lunatic of a mother.” He let her think about that before he added, “Isn’t she the one who turned them into monsters?”

“She is the one who started this all,” Katherine agreed. “But never kid yourself. Esther was following through on Mikael’s demands.” She shivered then as if Mikael’s name alone brought with it an unprecedented amount of fear.

Surprised by her act, and certain it was an act given where she’d been, Gage asked, “Will you work with me or not?”

“It depends.” She pranced around the luxuriously appointed room, seemingly distant as she studied the expensive furnishings. She flopped down on the canopy bed and caressed the comforter before asking, “What’s in it for me?”

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